Nobody Controls The Bits

The Internet wasn’t meant to be “controlled” by anyone.

Your information is yours, both from a privacy standpoint, AND from a responsibility standpoint.

It’s NOT Facebook’s responsibility to monitor WHAT information you share, it’s also not it’s responsibility to determine what information OF YOURS gets shared.

(re-read the above several times, let that sink in)

But forget Facebook, they are just one of the “big” points where all of this happens… Verizon, Google, AT&T, etc… all want some measure of “control”… but NONE of them should get it… rather, they should participate in the sharing of bits.

Your information, is your information… but don’t expect or let anyone or any entity to use your information the way THEY see fit.  In order to accomplish this, you have to understand that when you use a “free” site on the Web, you are bargaining that information (your information) in exchange for use of that site.

Folks, we need to change “the bargain,” and our strongest vote is accepting our responsibility of our information… and where we share it.

Nobody owns or controls the bits.