On Simvla (And Other Networks)

Recently I’ve been testing a content network called Simvla.

I have to say I’m pleased with their interface, and their approach to creativity and minimal look to their website design.

So I’ve taken it one step further, and now I write exclusively about my thoughts and life experiences with technology from my Simvla site… http://josephratliff.info .

You’re welcome to check it out… and while I have your attention… I also have another, more “shares and thoughts” type of site at http://josephratliff.me .

I have posted some opinionated rants and thoughts on http://josephratliff.net … a simple WordPress.com based site.

Now you might be thinking… “Why so many different blogs… couldn’t you just combine them all?”

The answer… yep… I could.  But I’m testing different things, on different platforms, so I can get a real-world experience from different angles.  And, it offers you, my valued reader, a choice of what type of content you want to interact with from me.

So feel free to check them out… and enjoy 2013, because we may have avoided the “end of the world”… but any day could be your last on this planet… always remember to honor your precious gift of life.

UPDATE 01/07/2013:  I have redirected josephratliff.me and josephratliff.net to blogs here on josephratliff.com… figuring it’s better to keep them all under one roof.