The Education System Is Broken, Here’s How To Fix It

There is a BIG problem with our education system here in the United States.

Too much administration at the top, money going to the wrong places, teachers are overworked and underpaid (sometimes).

We’ve tried “reform,” we’ve tried new legislation… and it hasn’t even come close to working.

Folks, this education system we’re currently using was born in the 1930’s… and seems like it is stuck there.

So there is only one solution… toss it out and start over.  Radical solution?  Yep.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them.” — Albert Einstein

We need an education system that prepares kids for the 21st century, a digital century, a technical century.  We need an education system that focuses on delivering the basics well, then let’s kids “mold” it to prepare them for the life they are about to start as adults.

We need an education system that doesn’t try and fit kids into a “box.”  We NEED an education system that doesn’t teach kids how to be good students, rather it needs to teach them how to be good at whatever it is they want to do.

And yes, all of these things are possible.

BOTTOM LINE:  We just have to get over ourselves, face the “fear” of disruptive change head on, and create an education system that let’s our kids have a future, not try to force our kids to fit in the past.

That, or we can keep bitching about the education system we already have.