I’m “MyPartisan”

Sometimes people ask me “Joe, are you a Republican, or a Democrat?”

To which I answer… “Neither, and both… and the rest.”

They usually reply… “Well, so you’re bi-partisan or something then?”

To which I answer… “Nope… I’m MyPartisan.”

Yes, that’s totally made up.  But I don’t believe that U.S. politics should be an “us versus them” thing.  In addition, I don’t think “bi-partisan” covers it either… because there are some good Independent ideas as well.

So I’m My Partisan… I’m a believer that if there’s a problem in this great country of ours… we just need to work and solve it… and labeling myself ___________ doesn’t get us any closer to that.

So, folks in the White House… when do you just work together and start solving problems?  All of you?  There is a reason you got elected into that office, you know… you promised to solve something.

Have you lived up to your promise(s)?  Do you even care?