I absolutely, positively, hate the word impossible.

I consider it an excuse.

Over 100 years ago… Nikola Tesla foresaw the invention of Wi-Fi.  Well, not exactly, but he did, in 1893, prove that energy could be transmitted wirelessly… and now, we will be charging batteries without cables at all.

Wi-Fi simply combines something else he foresaw, radio, with his wireless energy transmission… and unfortunately, he simply couldn’t put the two together then.

But that was then.

People said he was crazy… that all of this (100 years ago) was impossible.  Bullshit.  Almost everything he predicted has in fact come to light in some form.  He just saw it, because impossible wasn’t in his vocabulary.

People were saying it was impossible that the music industry would be disrupted as much as it has been because of digital distribution… which took the CD and fragmented it into single songs… and unlimited shelf space.

It’s not so impossible anymore… is it?

These are two of MANY examples, and they aren’t even the most important ones.  Yes, it will be possible to travel to other galaxies, yes, it will be possible for humans to transcend biology, yes it will be possible to live, normally, the way Captain Kirk did in Star Trek.  Yes, disease will be a thing of the past at some point, once we remove commercial interests in keeping us sick.

It’s all possible.  Impossible is just an excuse we use to quit exploring our possibilities.