What Are We Going To Do About Our Country?

I live in the best country in the world.  The United States.

That being said, it’s not acting like the United States that was founded in 1776.  There are greedy, corrupt people in high places who are using their money and influence to shift our country’s policies away from what they once were.

Thankfully, there are also good people in high places as well.

We need to take our country back.  Now, I don’t claim to begin to have all of the answers, but I see 3 (three) key concepts we need to get started on:

1.  We have to lose this “Republicans” versus “Democrats” attitude and work together, and that includes voting people into office who believe that (assuming the voting system isn’t totally corrupted).

I don’t know if we have to just pull a “We The People” and take our government back.

2.  This will require a unified, major movement of millions of people at once, and that will need to be repeated for each problem we want to solve (e.g. wars, the debt, etc…)

3.  This might even require a full-on revolution of sorts… depending on “how bad” it is.

Again, I’m not one that claims to have the answers, I know there are a TON of variables (like differing opinions, people who don’t want to do anything and want to “hope” it gets better, etc…).

In a rather “whiny” blog post on Techcrunch, the author makes the comparison between America and a startup… and says we’d quit if it were the case.  He also compared America to “Myspace,” which failed miserably, and isn’t really coming back.  Granted, he did have a bad experience trying to get a boat across the border into the U.S., but to me, that isn’t an excuse to give up on our country.

I totally disagree that “America is Myspace.”  I also disagree that America is an “unsolvable problem.”  Challenging problem to solve?  Yep… you bet.

If you want to compare America to a startup, then why not compare this time in America’s history to when a startup is really having trouble?  What do you do as a Founder when the shit hits the fan?

That’s the kind of stuff we, as the American people, have to do… collectively… so this country doesn’t sink like the Titanic.

As Grandpa used to say, “You can be part of the problem, or you can be part of the solution.”

Which are you going to be?