Publishers Who Insist On Using DRM In Their Digital Products… Watch Out

There was a time when I didn’t understand what DRM (digital rights management) was.

I didn’t understand the impact.

Now, I’m a tech-savvy consumer, who both understands DRM to a basic level, and what it means to publishers and authors on a larger scale.  The point of this post is… more people understand what I do.

Publishers, watch out, because the outdated model of using DRM in your digital product to “control” your end product are coming to an end.  That, or you’re going to start losing market share and eventually end up like Borders.

That’s “out of business” if you didn’t already know. 😉

My advice to publishers (and authors)… lose the DRM. 

The end user doesn’t want restrictions on the product they paid to use the way THEY want to use it.

This is the 21st Century… start acting like you’re part of it.