On Google Reader

Holy crap people.

If you are interested in Google, technology, blogging, reading blogs etc… then you no doubt have heard that Google Reader is being shut down on July 1st, 2013.

If you’re paying attention to the buzz, there is a lot of “whining” about this move by Google… to which I am going to address here.

Who cares! 

Don’t you have a backup plan in place in case this happens?

If you’re using free tools like Google Reader, you cannot expect those free tools to be immune from shut down.  Hell, Twitter might close the doors one day… Facebook too, it’s all possible.

What I did, because I guessed correctly about Google Reader, is I changed my blog’s feed subscription link to http://josephratliff.com/blog/feed from the Feedburner link awhile ago.  The /feed version works just fine in most feed readers now.

If you read my blog, and it’s worth it to you to switch my feed to a new feed reader (like Feedreader.com for example)… then you will.  If it wasn’t interesting enough for you to switch it, then you won’t.

Is your blog content good enough for people to want to make the switch?  If not, well, then Google Reader isn’t your problem… it’s your content. 😉

Although, Google is allowing you to download your full RSS data in a zip file from Google Takeout.  When you’re in your Reader next time, just go up and to the right, then click on Reader Settings (in the little gear wheel I believe) to start that process.

I then went to Feedreader, downloaded it to my desktop… and imported the .xml file that Google Reader gives you in the zip file… and BAM!  After a little tweaking, I have every single feed I’ve subscribed to started again… all there to distract me like it did before (fuck).

Feedreader works just fine, in fact, it works better in some respects.

Now, to address the issue of “Holy shit!  All of my subscribers read my content in Google Reader.”

This one gets two responses…

1.  They don’t ALL read in Google Reader.

2.  If it is this important, why don’t you properly build and communicate via an email list?

So, take a chill pill people… free tools come and go, just be ready for it as best as you can if it happens.  If it does, and you lose something, chalk it up to a business lesson… and move on.  You have bigger fish to fry than Google Reader, trust me on that.