The 80/20 Rule And Social Media Usage

We live in an age of social media.

No matter how hard you try to manage that usage, it’s everywhere you look (for now).

So, I’ve been thinking, why not try and apply the 80/20 principle to your social media usage… in business and in your personal life?

Put simply, this means that 80% of your “results”… whatever results you’re analyzing… come from only 20% of your efforts.  Think about it…

This means that a low percentage of your total Tweets get retweeted, as one example.  For simplicity’s sake… let’s just say that 20% get a RT.  I know that’s not realistic in most cases, but of every 100 Tweets you send, 20 get your result… a retweet.

Analyze those 20 Tweets, and find out what it is that got attention.  What did you write?  Did you involve controversy?

Keep doing that.

Now, as for personal usage, this refers to time management, and is the inspiration for this post.

If 20% of the time you spend on social media gets 80% of your results… why not focus on that 20% of time being used a bit more, and reduce or eliminate the 80% of time you’re “wasting”?

That’s what I want you to think about today.

Basically, time-optimization for your use of social media.  Because hey, we all know there are probably better uses of your time right?