Stress And Anxiety

Something that most people don’t know about me, is in certain situations I don’t handle stress (or anxiety) well.

This started in March of 2011, and accompanied the norovirus.

I made a bunch of physical and mental changes all at once, and my guess is that process (completed over the next 11 months, including the loss of 70 lbs) changed my internal chemistry in some fashion.  This change resulted in a series of “panic attacks” or anxiety attacks in certain, very specific situations.

These aren’t the kind of attacks that have dominated some people’s lives, leading to diagnosis of panic disorders or anxiety disorders.  These happen infrequently, but they do happen, usually in response to a a number of stressful events that happen all at once in my life.

So, why am I writing this?

Because as impactful each of these events are, I am handling them.  Not myself mind you, but I’m blessed with an extraordinary support system at home, and my doctor is one that doesn’t push the medications very hard… so any “treatment” I’ve received from her is natural.

(I hate medication)

Now, these events are VERY infrequent, but still happen from time to time.  The point of this post is to serve as a reminder to you of two key points…

1.  You are NOT alone if you suffer these types of issues.  No one is immune to stress or anxiety.

2.  If you recognize that you have these types of issues, I suggest you get a handle on them before they dominate your life (seek professional help and a support system of some type including meditation).  If I hadn’t, my life could be much different now, and not in a good way.

We’re fucking human people… things happen in life that sometimes require addressing.

And above all, hang in there, so long as you take the steps necessary to get it handled… things will get better.