The Boston Marathon Tragedy

Obviously, we’ve encountered another tragedy in our country.

My heart, and prayers, go out to the families and friends who have loved ones involved in this horrible event, either directly or indirectly.

It’s sad.  No one should have to have their lives completely turned upside down because of the worst of us (as humans).

But, let’s all take a step back, calm down (as hard as that might be to do for some)… and don’t let this event rule our lives in any fashion.  That’s what whoever instigated all of this cruelty would want.  That means “they” (or “this person”) wins.

Don’t let them win.  This type of thing does NOT happen every day, in fact, very rarely at all.  Stay calm.  Don’t criticize anyone until all the facts are in, all of the information river has stopped flowing, because as tragic as it is, it has already happened.

A quote from the article written by Bruce Schneier which I’ve linked to from this post:

How well this attack succeeds depends much less on what happened in Boston than by our reactions in the coming weeks and months.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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