This Is Why I Suggested “Calm Down”

Sunil Tripathi is NOT responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, according to an article on The Atlantic’s website. EDIT 04/28: He ISN’T responsible.  The media jumped the gun again.

But because of some folks on the popular news site Reddit, and for other reasons, he was certainly taken to task for it, The Atlantic article seems to point out.


While I don’t agree with the over-generalized nature of some of the people commenting on this Huffington Post article (e.g. not ALL Redditors should get lumped into this)… I do think the part of society who took part in the hunt for someone to investigate should have took a more objective look at the situation.

Being first to find a suspect isn’t always a good thing.  Making sure you are calm and have the right answer is far more important.  In 1996, at the Atlanta bombings, a man had his entire life ruined because some members of the media were a little too quick to jump the gun in the interest of “being first” to report a suspect.

We’ve got to quit this “Hang ’em NOW, Hang ’em QUICK” attitude… people, it’s what the real bombers want… for us to get all scared, paranoid, pointing fingers etc…

Calm down, members of the media (and some members of society).  EDIT 04/28: Especially the media, where some outlets were promoting fear-mongering in the days after the event.  Boston citizens, for the most part, were NOT “cowering in fear” at all while asked to be inside. Some TV and online media outlets were saying otherwise however.

That’s what I call “lazy-media.”

THIS is why we need to calm the fuck down as a society when these things happen, so the media doesn’t have the opportunity to “latch on” to a story… or as was the case here… make one up.

The media’s job… let’s make sure we get and report on the right suspects… and not focus so much on getting there first.   Personally,  I could give a shit which media outlet reports it first… I want to pay attention to the media outlet that gets it right, 100% right, no mistakes… no errors in reporting etc…

But sadly, no such media outlet exists yet.  Which one will be the first?