Google Glass: What’s The Point?

As I write this post, I have NOT received or reviewed an actual Google Glass yet.  Honestly, I don’t want to.

Eric Schmidt and Google have got it wrong BIG TIME with this one.

There are implications… potentially big privacy lines being crossed when issuing a technology like this.

That, and has business and advertising really stooped so low, that it HAS to rely on bringing the advertising right to the consumer’s eye?  (edited out for now, Google won’t allow advertising on Google Glass I’m told EDIT again: 08/25/2013 – found out on this post by Robert Scoble that it seems ads WILL be brought right to your eye)

And by the way, Eric Schmidt, who is quoted saying the following about the “critics” of Google Glass:

“Our goal is to make the world better. We’ll take the criticism along the way, but criticisms are inevitably from people who are afraid of change or who have not figured out that there will be an adaptation of society to it,”

How exactly is Google Glass going to make the world a better place?

By the way Eric, society only adapts to those technologies IT deems fit for society. YOU don’t get to make that decision.  It has almost nothing to do with people being “afraid of change”.

That, and another, perhaps more interesting question… exactly what problem does Google Glass solve for the consumer?

If I want to take a picture of my kids playing basketball… I’ll pull out my phone or, GASP, a camera… and actually pay enough attention to the whole scenario that I don’t need a device on my eyes that can do that.

I truly hope that you won’t take the condescending attitude you have here, Eric, and take this criticism, and others, to heart.

And, even though Scoble didn’t get assaulted while he was wearing them in urinals… that doesn’t prove a thing. Most people don’t know about Google Glass yet, nor will they care yet… so they aren’t familiar with what it can do… and therefor won’t react under those conditions.

That’s basic common sense, Robert.

That, and why on EARTH would you wear anything like this in the shower?

Overall, personally… I am NOT afraid of technology at all… and my initial take on Google Glass is “it doesn’t solve any real problems… so what’s the point?”

One last point, back to Eric Schmidt, who has been quoted as saying some version of “we should have nothing to hide when it comes to our privacy.”

You say that like it’s a good thing.  It isn’t… and I don’t want Google, Facebook, or anyone else in charge of my privacy, because it’s mine… thank you very much, and I’ll handle it.

Besides, I’m truly worried what Google, Facebook, etc… will do with it. 😉

JUST IN 05/02/2013:  After looking at Engadget’s review of Google Glass… my original question remains (what’s the point?).  A smartphone can do everything this can, for about 1/3rd of the price… I just can’t wear a smartphone, but so the hell what?

EDITED TO ADD 05/24/2013:  Looks like the privacy concerns have merit… this is only the beginning folks.  What shortsighted people don’t think about is long-term privacy implications as the technology changes and hacks are released.

Post updated from original version to reflect new information received.