For Copywriters: 5 Important Lessons I’ve Learned

This will be a quick post…

5 important lessons I’ve learned from over a decade of copywriting experience, that hopefully will help you if you’re a copywriter yourself (these are in NO particular order)…

1.  Get paid upfront, at least 50% of the project fee.  Make it a “kill fee” if for some reason the client decides to cancel the project and move on.

2.  Take care of your health.  Without it, none of this really matters.

3.  Take good care of your clients (especially the ones who take care of you), and always look for ways to provide extra value (at YOUR discretion) like consulting, an extra email for an email series, etc…

4.  Set clear project expectations with your clients upfront… don’t wait.

5.  Life is too short to deal with clients who don’t respect you as a professional copywriter (e.g. those who want you to charge by the word, those who don’t understand the value you bring etc…).

BONUS:  Have fun, it takes time to build a copywriting practice… so enjoy the journey.