If You Can’t Have Your Share Of The Ad Revenue, Then Take It Away From Nintendo

In a BIG fail on Nintendo of America’s part, they have recently decided to say a big “screw you” to the people providing free marketing for their games.


They decided to stomp their foot in the ground, and claim copyright on their games from OTHER PEOPLE’S content on YouTube.

While it is “legal” for them to do so, and rather greedy as well… which is more valuable?  The piddly ad revenue split being earned?  Or the free and distributed marketing to MILLIONS of people generated from the “let’s plays” and “play throughs” being produced?

So if you’re a content producer who produced these “let’s plays”… I have a suggestion for you…

1.  Mark all of your Nintendo let’s plays and play throughs as “private” on YouTube right now.  You don’t lose your content, and at the same time, Nintendo doesn’t get YOUR ad revenue split they took away from you.

2.  Share any of the posts linked here, or this post, and let’s tell Nintendo how bad their decision was to “get greedy.”

3.  If Nintendo reverses their line of “thinking,” then you can immediately mark your videos public again, and resume collecting the ad revenue split that was rightfully yours.

Where Nintendo really fails here, is they don’t acknowledge the serious leverage they have.  The people who have monetized their YouTube videos like this usually have thousands to even hundreds of thousands of viewers each.  Nintendo will miss out on the free marketing created each time a publisher puts out Nintendo – game content.

But only if you act… otherwise, you’re filling Nintendo’s coffers… and only getting publicity for yourself.  Take back what’s yours.