Welcome Twitter Followers…

Hey there,

Looks like you found me on Twitter.  (@JosephRatliff)


I wanted you to know a little bit more about me, what I do, and what I can do for you (if you’re interested of course).

My name is Joseph Ratliff.  Since 2001, I’ve been writing direct response copy for hundreds of client from a variety of industries.  I’m sort of an “under the radar,” “behind the scenes” guy… and a MAJOR introvert, so you probably won’t see me featured on all of the mainstream media outlets.

But that’s OK with me. 🙂

I do a good job for my clients, many of which continue to do business with me for years (one of the reasons it’s hard to hire me).  Really, developing relationships and getting results for my clients is all that counts in my chosen profession.

Since you came here from Twitter, see my Linkedin Profile and Home Page for more details on my copywriting and consulting services.

NOTE:  I’m more active on Google + in terms of “social media” (for now, until media changes, which it does frequently). You can find me there at http://google.com/+JosephRatliff

If you’re a writer of any kind, I’ve written some paid essays specifically for the “writing business” in my Essays section.

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On the personal side…

I’m a devoted family man, married for over 20 years to the same woman, and have two boys of my own.  They come first, then friends, then life, then business.

So there you have it, a little bit about me.  Thanks for connecting with me on Twitter.

What about you?