We Don’t Need Any More “Fear Mongering” Media

I want to get something off of my chest.

I’m sick and tired of the “fear mongering” style of media that is prevalent online (and off, but mainly on).  It needs to stop.

From my local area here, this is one example of what I’m talking about (opens in a new window).  They know the public (in general) is scared that some big, bad virus is coming our way and will wipe out the population.  They know SARS is a word that will draw attention, and so they put it in the title.

Yes, it is “technically” accurate to state this article was about a novel coronavirus that happens to be in the SARS-type virus category… but the title should have stated what EXACTLY it was (a novel coronavirus)… and NOT used the acronym “SARS” in the title.

The only reason SARS was used in this title, was to get eyeballs by instilling “fear”.

We need to put this type of journalism to rest.  There is enough going on in our lives, we don’t need any more unnecessary fear being put into our lives.

Stop it… I call it irresponsible journalism.  It’s fucking sad we have to read this.