The 3 S’s Of Better Copywriting

I’ve been a copywriter for close to 14 years now.

Over the years, I’ve learned many things from reading books, magazines, and of course… reading and writing copy.  I’ve also had the fortune of receiving great mentoring from some of the “hall of fame” copywriters in the business.

I want to share a piece of that with you…

The 3 S’s Of Better Copywriting:

1.  Specific — Write everything in your copy as specifically as possible.

For example… “How To Make A Lot Of Money Investing In Stocks” is less-specific than “How To Gain 413% On This Stock By May 1st, 2016 By Filling Out A Simple Form”.

2.  Simple — Write your copy in simple language without a bunch of industry terminology.

3.  Succinct — Use short sentences, be as brief as possible while still making your points, and see #2 about what words you use.

There you go… the 3 S’s of better copywriting.