The Coming Explosion Of Technology

Smart phones, Google Glasses, and real-time search. All of these are “interesting” pieces of technology from my perspective. “Toys and trinkets” I call them, because they don’t solve any particularly notable problems, and in some cases… have actually created problems.

(read The Shallows by Nicholas Carr for more perspective there… for a start)

But, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet folks… not even in the slightest.

Because over the next decade we are going to see what Ray Kurzweil calls “The Law of Accelerating Returns” come to life in a way that might even scare some people.

I’ve been privy to some of these ideas, and advances in technology… nothing “top secret” or special, but certainly NOT where most people are looking… like this from the health arena for starters.

But further along than the small example I’ve shared at the link above, we are about to see the end of some diseases (and NOT because of the horribly outdated vaccine technology)… we are about to see the rise of the lone inventor (do a search for Maker Movement to start there)… and, we may even be able to “print” a human heart in the near future (a fully functional, working heart), see for more there.

And this is just the start.

What if Ray Kurzweil is right? (and he has been most of the time) What if The Singularity happens by 2050 (less than 40 years away, btw)?

How will our world look then? Think about this today.