An Open Rant To Spammers

For all those SPAMMERS out there, your job is getting harder, so I wonder why you’re still trying?

— I can create a filter, by email address or the domain itself, which puts your message in the trash DIRECTLY… I don’t even see your message now.

— Because you’re crappy writers, I can instantly recognize the few (very few) SPAM messages you send… and delete them immediately (after setting up another one of the filters I just mentioned).

— And one for the “phishers”… I actually “hover” all the links in your message, and if the domain is wrong, or weird, DELETE and filter.  Plus, I also know who sends me email that is valid, AND I also never give out personal information via clicking links from an email, or replying to an email (unless I absolutely know who I’m emailing with).

Knowing all of the above, and the fact that I am certainly NOT the only person who does these things, why do you try?

It would be a lot easier to just start creating something of value, and selling it.  Show us your art, not your crap.

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