Medium (The Publishing Platform) Reviewed

There is a publishing platform called Medium.

It was founded by the same “Ev” that co-founded Twitter (@ev in case you might want to look him up).

I “coaxed” an invite in the early stages of the platform from which to conduct an experiment and get a “feel” for the features etc… of Medium.

Here’s my thoughts…

  • It’s another blogging platform.  Yawn.
  • It feels like it’s still in development, probably normal.
  • It’s free to use.
  • It seems to be focused on “long-form” writing, which I like for deeper thought.
  • I don’t see a “search engine advantage” from publishing on Medium. (a vanity search of my name does not rank Medium higher than other less-established profiles or content, but sometimes on the first page)
  • It feels like a “close-knit” community of which I don’t feel a part of. (not whining about that, it’s fine, but this community seems to be becoming a bit of an “echo-chamber”.  In fairness, this problem is not limited to Medium)
  • Decent publishing tools, but doesn’t feel fully developed there either.
  • So overall, it does not pass the test.

The long-form content publishing platforms that do pass the test (in comparison — and NOT based on features like video sharing etc…)… Google+,, and Tumblr (yes, even owned by Yahoo!).

In terms of external blogging platforms (where the content is being published on THEIR platform, not your website)… Medium is either too similar or just doesn’t stack up.