Do Big Companies Even Care About Their Customer Any More?

Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc… (there are others) seem to be providing the same response to how the Government is “allowed” to collect data from their servers.

Basically, they only do it if required to do so by proper legal procedures, when they “have” to comply.

While probably true, and certainly following the law, I challenge that is not enough.

These companies are pillars of the online community, and have an opportunity to outright say “NO” to these requests, and challenge them in court if they deem them of the slightest ethical or moral violation as well.

Like these “vacuum-style” data-collection methods by the NSA for example, what made any legal department (Verizon’s for one example of many) think these requests were not something that should have been challenged in court?

The NSA wasn’t targeting a specific person, or even a specific group from what I have read so far, so WHY did Verizon outright comply?

Here’s the bottom line… when you start a media company, or a company that needs to protect sensitive customer data, you have an obligation to the customer too, NOT just to the party requesting the data, even if they are doing so legally.

Like Grandpa used to say… “Use your head!”

Unless of course, these companies don’t care about their customers, then I suppose they will just keep “letting them have their way.”