A Philosophy On The Value Of Leverage And Time

This is a huge, deep philosophical topic.

I think at least one of the underlying factors that determines someone’s value of time is their view of leverage.

If someone’s “point B,” or end result, is important enough, any amount of leverage that can be gained will be purchased, sold for, traded for, etc… so that person can reach their destination faster, that person can get a better result, etc…

Conversely, if a person doesn’t place enough value on their “point B” or result… leverage doesn’t factor in their thinking at all, or only a little.

For example, telling my Dad to pay someone to paint his house 20 years ago would have gotten a “Nope, I can do it myself” type of response.  He didn’t, for whatever reason or reasons, place enough value on his “point B”… the house being painted.

I asked him that question again recently (Dad, why don’t you have the house painted by someone?)… and at first I got the same response… until he realized his is close to 60 years old, he does have the money, and he would rather do something else with his time.

So he paid someone to paint his house… getting the leverage he needed to do more important, more valuable things.

He placed enough value on his “point B” and his time to justify the leverage.

Now let’s extend this to an airport, namely the airline Jet Blue, which offers a way to pay and get to the “front of the line”… about $10.

See this insightful article on Web Ink Now for more info (link opens in a new window).

If people aren’t placing value on getting to their destination at the airport, I suspect the scenario is the same, they won’t pay (even $10) to leverage themselves onto that flight quicker, that, or they might realize they are still going to get on the same flight as everyone else, so “rushing there” doesn’t have value unless they are pressed for time.

I see things a little bit differently, personally I place an enormous value on my time, so the “point B”‘s in my life inherently have more value.

Therefor, I would pay $10 almost every time so I could have some time with a book, or my laptop etc… at the airport. 🙂