Trust And The Government

The trust Americans have for the Government would be enhanced a great deal if the Government would be more open on a genuine and verifiable level.

If our information, emails, and such were not relevant… then why store them at all?  If the NSA director had come out and proved they were not storing our information (again, verifiable open proof)… then this fiasco wouldn’t have been as much of a story.

But even better, if the NSA hadn’t been lazy, and actually did its job WITHOUT having to scoop up records on everybody (who have done nothing wrong and whose information is irrelevant anyhow according to the linked article), instead only focusing on individuals it is currently investigating (once again, in a verifiable and open way)… this may not have been a story at all.

Inspired as an answer to this post.

Edward Snowden did NOTHING wrong, except share classified documents.  But, that wouldn’t have had to be done… if the Government, the NSA, etc… were actually worthy of our trust.

What these Government officials who seem to support our current surveillance activities don’t recognize is they do NOT automatically get our trust and respect.  Their job demands they uphold the Constitution, not some of the time… ALL of the time.  Therefor, they will be scrutinized at every turn.

Trust in our Government has to be earned with every decision, every day, for the rest of its existence.  We will NEVER blindly “trust” them the way they expect.  That’s the responsibility of these positions in our country.