They (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Etc…) Just Don’t Understand

There’s no doubt, if you have a pulse at all you’ve heard about the recent developments about the #NSA and our privacy.

Big companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! are caught up in this fiasco, naturally, because they have the data the NSA so desperately needs to accomplish what it has with it’s programs.

Aside from some weak attempts by each of these companies to “ask for the permission to be more transparent” and even lightly challenging a couple of court orders… I haven’t seen the kind of effort I believe these industry leaders are capable of to protect our privacy from Constitution – violating Government intrusion.

So this is a warning, big companies, we live in America… your customer IS “We The People”… so you’d better stand up and participate in the stance against these less than ethical practices (btw “legal” doesn’t mean ethical)… or… we’ll just make a new one (of Google, Yahoo!, Facebook etc…).

See, these big companies don’t realize this country is full of smart people who understand how to “create another version”… and our economy supports that innovation.

Google, Facebook, Yahoo! etc… do NOT offer anything that is irreplaceable.

It’s time for you to shape up, or ship out… meaning use your influence for something world-changing like stopping this NSA nonsense by standing up and saying NO.  Make the NSA meet your standard, not the other way around.