2 Google Plus Strategies You Can Use To Separate Yourself From The “Make Money” Pack

Alright, straight out of the gate I’m going to state this, these aren’t friendly tips if you are coming to Google Plus looking to “make money.”

But, if you take these to heart, and stop damaging your reputation by doing stupid stuff on what is a social platform… you will probably do much better in your life in general, and in your dealings with people.

That said, if you’re still reading, kudos, you’ve taken the first step.

Tip #1 – Google Plus is NOT an advertising billboard.

Your posts should be of the sharing and valuable variety.

They should encourage others, they should show people “what you can do” (so long as you’re not directly advertising), and you should include other people’s work in your shares… the stuff that interests you.

DON’T spill out “I’m making money with this, so you can too [affiliate link]” bullshit on Google Plus… or any variation of the above.  I’ll let you do the extrapolation.

Have you seen any variation of the “No one is using G+” online?  Anywhere?  If you have, it might be because there are people on EVERY social network that are ruining the “social” nature of that network?  Maybe?


Tip #2 – Holy shit people… DON’T directly email spam offers and “make money online” affiliate crap to G+ users.

They don’t want your email, and they aren’t paying attention to it.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, I’m not one of ‘those’ spammers… I’m just ‘networking’ and sharing my opportunity.”

Guess what?  Every email you send in this manner is a complete waste of time for any “business” you might be trying to build, or item you’re trying to promote as an affiliate.  Period.

Yes, you might get one or two people to click on your links… but at what expense?

Here is the bottom line… businesses are built on relationships, and if you don’t start the relationship correctly… how on Earth do you think you will be able to continue growing your business?

(hint:  one time sales, or one time additions to your amazing upline DO NOT BUILD A BUSINESS)

So what is the answer here?

It’s a simple one…

Imagine if you were face to face with a person.  The first time you meet someone, do you throw your business in their face and expect them to pay even remote attention to it?

Then why on Earth do you think Google Plus is any different?

Think about that for a minute, let it sink in.

This is about social media right?  So be social.

That means you’ll have to do work, that means you’ll actually have to… gasp… take some time and let someone get to know you.

Remember this… Just because you’re using the Internet (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) to connect with someone doesn’t change the fact you still have to do the work of connecting and building a relationship with them.

In conclusion, building a business (or developing relationships with people) takes time, and if that is time you’re not willing to invest… you’ll be wasting a LOT more time (and money) trying to game the system.

So quit trying to use Google Plus for something it wasn’t designed to do… and instead use it for what it IS, and hell, more people might use this thing. 😉  (another hint:  millions already do)

And if you want, connect with me (circle me) on Google Plus at http://google.com/+JosephRatliff