Net Effect Of #Obamacare Thus Far

The short, to the point, net effect of #Obamacare thus far…

Overall Result:  Ineffective.

  • Added another “insurance” company to the mix, although it doesn’t sell insurance directly, all it accomplished was adding more bureaucracy to an already red-tape burdened system.
  • It made an absolutely horrible first impression online… with website malfunctions, inefficiency, etc… demonstrating the U.S. Government’s lack of competence with, and lack of understanding of digital technology once again.
  • Forcing people to get insurance who don’t want it, in an effort to pad statistics that show how many uninsured Americans reside in this country.
  • Lack of foresight when creating this program, and having PLENTY of time to develop for and take into account the various challenges that would present themselves (like website development and system costs for example, which should NEVER cost 500 million, EVER).
  • And on, and on…

In short, thus far, we aren’t getting what we desperately need with Obamacare at all, and all we can hope for is this is a starting point for regulating an out of control healthcare insurance industry.  There is a TON of improvement needed to get to what we need.

We need a substantial lowering of premiums, WAY less administration, and for Doctors to be able to be in control of the medical process, NOT the insurance company… for any reason.

If we don’t get everything we need, there isn’t a single program currently existing that will provide it, so we’ll create what we want.

It’s America, and it is that simple.