What’s The Point Of Social Media?

When you sign up for a new social network, say Google Plus for instance, ask yourself this important question:

“What am I really, truly, using this for?”

followed by…

“Do I already use a tool or other method for this?”

In short, asking “what’s the point of using social media?”

Folks, we don’t need to be on every, single social network that comes available.  Use the tool(s) you want, so long as you have a focused purpose, or set of purposes, for using it.

Then, finally, ask the last question…

“Is there a different way, besides this social tool, I can accomplish what I want to do?”

Social media isn’t the only way to do what we want to accomplish, it’s not some glorious shiny object any longer.

Using Facebook, for example… to find people from high school and reconnect… there are easier, better ways to do so, without connecting with everyone else who you don’t know, and won’t take the time to get to know.

Social tools… what are you using them for?  What’s the point?

EDIT 11/22/2013:  I’ve been recently thinking about my use of Google +. and have decided to go 365 days without using it at all.  At the end of this experiment (similar to my failed Twitterless experiment), if I do make it to the end that is… I will delete my Google + account forever.

I have a feeling that next November I will be deleting it.  Twitter has useful properties (which is why my experiment failed, I feel)… and Google Plus is more like Facebook, feeling like “just another social network.”