Author Excuse: “But Then I’ll Be Competing With All The Crappy Books Out There”…

I get stuck when folks use the “well then we have to compete with all the crappy books out there” line of thinking.

I’m stuck because it is not a viable excuse to consider.

There are crappy books published on the traditional side as well, so you’ll be competing with “crappy books” just by putting your pen to paper and writing, editing and attempting to publish.

But let’s ignore traditional publishing vs. self-publishing for a second.

Why are you competing with the “crappy books” out there?

Are you afraid that perhaps, yours will join them? Every writer is.

And, isn’t “crappy” a subjective term? How do you know what is and what isn’t crappy? Every human being is different, so you’re competing with a subjective set of books, then?

Put out the best book you can, get it professionally edited, create a nice cover… and share it. Yours won’t compete with “crappy” if it isn’t. The people who read your book, actually get inside the cover and read it, that is… DO know the difference.

I can’t remember where I read it, but someone once said that once you’ve written your book the real work begins, so with this in mind you might as well get the writing part out of the way.

A comment by me from this post by Hugh Howey.