The Truth About Goals

The truth about goals from my perspective…

Intellectually, a “goal” is a result of doing something… you “score” a touchdown, you are “organized,” that is, you’ve reached your goal of shuffling papers or digital objects.

So that begs the following questions…

Can we really “set” goals?

Can we say what result we are going to get BEFORE we set out to accomplish something?

So, if you fail to achieve a goal you’ve “set,” have you really failed?

Or, was that result predetermined by the set of actions you took? (the actions you actually took, not the ones you THOUGHT you would take)

The short answer, to me, is no.

Because I don’t consider goals permanently set until they are achieved, in short until the desired result has been gotten.

Goals are an end result, not something we can predict.

That said…

We CAN desire something (to write a promotion, to research something, to make a phone call etc…), and that desire sets in motion ACTIONS, and those ACTIONS get a particular result, either what we desire or not.


If Goal = a result, then “setting goals” = “setting results” in advance.

Can that really be done?

Or is it an illusion we’ve created for ourselves?