We Need To Be Kids Again… Part Deux

Inspired by this comment on Reddit.

In the first part of this “We Need To Be Kids Again” series I explored the thoughts of a child, and how adulthood buries our best ideas.

In part 2, we’re going to take it up a notch, and it isn’t warm and fuzzy…

People, have you ever stopped to smell the roses?

Very few people have.  I don’t use that phrase lightly either.

Most people (and I do mean most, but not all) are buried in their smart phone, laptop, tablet, Google Glass (the few that have one), or other gadgets.  They endlessly multitask themselves to death, in the interest of some imaginary necessity to “be productive”… either for themselves or for some faceless, emotionless company.

Oblivious to the world and the natural beauty around them, these people can’t even hold a full conversation before “having” to return a text or take a phone call, amongst other unnecessary interruptions.  These same folks, for the most part, lack the wonder and curiosity they had as a small child.

We. Need. To. Change. That.

We are not robots people, we are not machines, we are human beings.  Human beings do not live in an algorithmic world, we live in a natural one.  And we’re losing that natural one as this is being written, because most of us seem to be unwilling to truly acknowledge the serious problems that exist (and that we caused) in the climate and environment as a whole.

We seemingly continue to hope that someone (from the Government or otherwise) will just come along and save us.  Won’t happen.  As Grandpa used to say, “You made your bed, now you get to sleep in it.”

Folks, this is a planet with limited resources, it replenishes some of those resources, but the rate wasn’t meant to be exceeded by a living entity on the planet… that’s us.

In short, we’re taking it faster than the planet can recover it.

So I’ll bet you’re wondering what this all has to do with stopping and smelling the roses, and perhaps more importantly, what it has to do with being a kid again.

Think back to when you were a kid.

Did you take more than you could, respectfully?  Did you share with your friends?  Did you meet new kids?

Without question, and you did it with a sense of awe and wonder.

But more than that, as a kid, did you just sit there and wonder?

You didn’t question anything, you didn’t follow some “protocol”… you didn’t have your head in a gadget (I’ll get to today’s kids in a second).  You just wondered.

We need to wonder more, like kids.  We need to ask more questions, like kids (even scientists need to do this more, and drop the religious politics).  We need to respect our planet more, even if there wasn’t a climate crisis looming (science proved it, it will exist).

We need to leave earlier and walk a different path to work, meet people, and quit worrying about the differences between people.  We need to be human beings, not robots.

(btw… technology can create/force a false form of evolution, might be called the Singularity, whatever… but will never replace biological evolution, because technology is NOT biology and never will be)

We need to be kids again.

What about today’s kids?

They HAVE to grow up with the Internet, right?  They must be taught (or learn) how to use an iPad, right?  It’s required to be a kid… right?

Wrong.  That is a big, steaming pile of stinky bullshit.

I’m not saying they won’t be curious, and won’t naturally poke their heads into an iPad, or whatever device… they probably will.  Heck, they might use technology for something good with the awe and curiosity they possess.  So, encourage that.

But don’t stifle the kids.  Let them determine where their awe and curiosity takes them.  And, encourage them to see their world, open their eyes to the enormous possibilities our world (and the Universe) can offer them.

That’s why we need to be kids again… so we can remove ourselves from the demons that are binding us to our machine world… and so our kids don’t grow up like most of us have.  Let them create the world again.