Connecting: The True Secret To Making Money Whenever You Want To

I don’t normally publish articles that show people “how to make money.”

But I do have one “secret” (it isn’t really a secret) to making money in today’s creative economy.  It’s simple, but not easy, easy to understand, but deeper than I can go into if I wrote 1000 articles on the topic.

The secret is connecting people to what they want, while adding your individual value to the process.

Most people get the first part… but completely miss the second part of the previous sentence.  So go ahead and read it again, the pause, and think about the “adding your individual value” part.

Because that part is the part that makes you money.

Let me illustrate…

Anyone can introduce two people, right?

Easy to do… in fact, tools like Linkedin allow you to do that for free.  There’s no value in a simple introduction of two people without those two people creating that value themselves.

There is also more risk involved for those two people in developing that relationship between them, one or both of them could be trying to “scam” the other… they might not be compatible with each other… or worse…

Neither of them will do anything with the relationship being created between them, beyond the cursory introduction.

This is why you cannot simply “flip” introductions on Linkedin or whatever, and make money from the introduction… because you’re not adding any value to the process.

But what if you did add value to the process, and took things away from the “cocktail party” that is Linkedin, and instead curated the relationships you are creating?

And here’s where most people miss the boat… but the few that “get it” will be able to profit from this idea of connecting(Jay Abraham is the master of this domain, you can check his website out for more on this – link opens in a new window)

It seems easy to just make an introduction, set up an agreement where you get a small percentage of profits made from that introduction, and sit back and watch it all happen… doesn’t it?  (sometimes called “Brokering Joint Ventures”… but I actually hate that term)

If it were that easy, everybody with any people skills would be doing this… but it is not that easy.  You have to add value to the exchange:

  • On a small level, you could prime the transaction… you could “sell” the benefits of working with a particular freelancer on a project to the client that needs a freelancer… then you’ve added value to the exchange, and should get a small portion (say, 10%) of the resulting fee collected by the freelancer for making it MUCH easier for them to get work.
  • You could add some consulting to the mix (in very specific situations, you don’t want to be trapped into consulting here).  You could outline a mini-marketing plan, which involves a set of coupons from other business owners, to help build the reputation of a real estate agent when they go to close the house.  You collect a percentage (small) from each of the business owners supplying the coupons (using coupon codes or call in numbers) from resulting sales they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.
  • You could add writing to the mix (again, be very specific with your involvement), and put together two business entities that need that writing to benefit.  This “three-way” approach works very well if you’ve qualified both businesses as having complimentary resources to share with each other (like one with a well-developed list, and another with a nicely developed product to sell to that list, you write emails or direct mail to send to the list).  You writing “primes the pump” between those resources, and you get paid (very well if you know what you’re doing).
  • And on, and on… your job as a connector can be very lucrative.

These are basic approaches, when you understand this at a very deep level like I do, you can start to see almost three dimensionally into the businesses you work with.

When that happens, you can do almost anything, and your clients will thank you for it.