The Absolute, Must-Do Blogging Rules You Have To Abide By Or You Don’t Get To Blog … EVER

I’m tired of it.

Blogging, and bloggers, are getting out of hand.  They think they can just blog however they want, turn on or turn off comments, blog for business or personal reasons on the same blog etc…

Bloggers need rules.  Strict rules.  Rules that cannot be broken or they will not be allowed to blog, ever.  If you break the following rules, you will be placed in “blogging prison” and sentenced to forever use Blogger as your only platform from which to publish from.

Ready?  Here are the rules:

There aren’t any.

Weblogs are a tool from which you can publish content, period.

In the 2nd decade of this century, you can do so much more with this tool than you could in the past.  You can post video, text, podcasts … you can use these platforms for publishing books, as a static website, to start a magazine etc…

The options are endless.

So the rather unusual notion that there is some set of “rules” everyone has to follow when using the weblog, outside of normal etiquette and of course moral / ethical / legal guidelines … is a completely misguided notion.

Do what you want with your blog, period.

  • If you want to turn comments on, turn them on… if you want to turn comments off, turn them off.
  • If you want to blog in more than one niche, do it.  If you don’t, don’t.
  • If you don’t want to design your blog, don’t.  Design it to your taste.  If you get feedback after doing so, use it to make changes, or don’t.  Up to you.
  • Use your blog for business, personal, or both.
  • Your audience will choose to read your blog, or they won’t.  Use their feedback or don’t.  Your choice.
  • And on, and on… blogs are a tool.  No one tells you how to use a wrench, so if you use a wrench in a different way that works for you … more power to you.

Test things, try things, take the feedback you want to take, but NO ONE is “the” authority on how to use your blog.  Anyone who says that “comments on” (or “comments off” for that matter) is the only way to blog is simply sharing their opinion, something that might be working for them.

You know what they say about opinions, right?

You’ll make the adjustments you feel you need to make as time goes on.  You’ll use your blog the way you see fit.  In fact, you’ll probably prove all of these “rule makers” wrong.

So get to work, you have way more important things to do than listen to people tell you how a blog HAS to be used, right?