On Upgrades

You’ve got to get a late-model car, you’ve got to upgrade to the 5314 LTE model smartphone, because it just came out, and you’ve just got to get Apple’s latest release on launch day.


I’m calling bullshit on the incessant need to upgrade everything. If you believe the hype and marketing, your life improves every time some new “talk and surf at the same time” gadget comes out.


Aside from the fact we cannot multitask, doing so (talking and surfing the web at the same time) creates a distraction.

How is that “good”?

Who said that doing more and more in the same time frame is good?

Then, there’s examining why we upgrade our cars, gadgets, tools, etc… even though the prior versions probably did exactly what we needed to.


Yep, you want to show off.

You want to be the one who was there on launch day, the one to drive off the lot in a bright, shiny new model of the car you already have, and you need to get the latest computer because you “need” more speed/memory/etc… (hint: You probably don’t).

Plus, the perception (also created by the marketing companies) is everyone else is doing it too. Come on, admit it, you feel the peer pressure, and run down to the Apple store to get the latest Airbook.

Because you want to feel like a part of something.

So, if what I’ve written seems to relate to you, I’m telling you to STOP. You’ll save money, STILL be able to be productive, and here’s the big point to this article…

… nobody really cares whether or not you have the latest, greatest mousetrap in existence anyhow.

Read the above again.

People are far too busy with their own lives to give a crap about what you have, and when they do acknowledge your latest upgrade… it usually boils down to a mere “15 minutes of fame” for you.

Do you really need your 15 minutes that badly?

Think about that today. I did, and once I stopped “upgrading” all the time, I found:

—> I saved money.

—> Nobody really cared about what I had in the first place, for the most part.

—> The people that did care, really were showing it out of envy, or jealousy.

Is upgrading really that important?