Why reddit’s /r/Futurology subreddit must continue

A slightly edited repost of my comment in /r/Futurology in response to a question “Has /r/Futurology made you more or less worried about the future, and why?”

I’m optimistic overall, and it’s because of this subreddit.

I do worry that humans focus on the wrong problems (e.g. using technology to perfect themselves instead of using it to advance civilization). I’m worried we will use our technological advances to destroy one another so that specific groups of the human society will “win.”

I see our desire to “win,” to “be first,” to “be perfect,” and our greed as the main obstacles to the future I’m optimistic for.

Jobs are going to change, evolve, maybe even stop being a “thing.”

Disease can be stopped, but we have to get our “greed” out of the way first.

Education is evolving, but needs to do so at a more furious pace (an exponential pace) to help the next generations of our species evolve society.

I would love to see us instead actually use our technologies to create things that can do their own work (like the video that ion-tom pointed to). But corporations, or our current form of capitalism must evolve or go away completely to reach that objective.

(no, Marxism, socialism etc… are NOT my answers to the capitalism problem)

The /r/Futurology discussion must go on, even if for any reason, reddit as a whole does not. I hope to see the future that I’m optimistic for.