Net Neutrality and Our Future

Right now our country is talking about net neutrality, again.

I know this isn’t possible, but I’d like to make this the last time we debate about it.  Because there is no debate.

We need an open Internet, or our future is lost.

Read the above sentence again and again.

Because without an open Internet, we’re telling companies like Comcast that it’s okay to dictate the terms of use for OUR Internet.

We’re also saying it’s okay for them to decide the fate of our culture… it’s okay for them to be in control of our communication, free speech and innovation.

They shouldn’t have a say at all (as companies, as entities).

These companies serve us, not the other way around.  But right now, we’re letting them push us around.

The future of the Internet — which means the future of communications, culture, free speech and innovation — is up for grabs. Source

The recent FCC news surrounding this all too important topic is rather disturbing.

The fact that any entity in our civilization thinks it’s better to let the “free” market have a run at our Internet, an open Internet (mostly), is disgusting.

The commercial Internet, in essence, is the free market for these companies to operate within, NOT the other way around.

If we allow these big companies to use their revenues (and lobbyists) to start to dictate the speeds at which you, I, Netflix or other entities can use the Internet … well, then that only begins the downfall of our technological society.

Comcast (and other entities) want you to be a couch potato.  They want you consuming, not innovating and creating.

Because innovating and creating threaten to undermine their archaic business models (selling advertising, controlling access etc…).

Do you really want to be a couch potato?

Or are you better than that?

I think you’re better than that … so let’s all work together, and like we defeated SOPA, let’s make sure our Internet stays open for us.

Besides, do you really want to look the younger generation that grew up with the Internet in the eye and say…

“Yeah, we just sat on our asses and didn’t do anything to keep your Internet open, enjoy your 21st century cable TV.”

I don’t, so do your homework on net neutrality (here and here are good places to start) … then sign petitions that preserve an open Internet (the ones focusing on keeping Title II in play for companies like Comcast).

Start your petition signing here.