The #FacebookExperiment … Part 2

Part 1 of the #FacebookExperiment is here.

Part 2 is a comment I left on this excellent post by Mark W. Schaefer on Businesses Grow…


Facebook is almost as-integrated into society as the Internet, which is scary considering their mentality.

Are they the only company doing this type of unethical data-manipulation? I highly doubt it, but don’t have the “smoking gun” to prove anything.

But perhaps most-disturbing are some of the reactions … “meh,” “this doesn’t surprise me,” “they’ve been doing this all along”

Hand-waving like that is exactly what allows this to continue.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Facebook will suddenly fold up tent tomorrow, but I do hope they eventually get the message that we are NOT their product, EVEN if they offer a free service.

We aren’t cattle, so I hope that eventually we’ll all quit being “okay” in various degrees with being treated like cattle.

I deleted my Facebook account two years ago … and I suggest everyone else do the same, but I’m admittedly jaded. 🙂

Looks like The Digital Society is already here.

Do we have a sort of societal contract with Facebook?

Or, is the “addiction” (generally, big picture) to Facebook the “contract” we can’t break?

For me, it’s easy to call these websites what they are … tools to improve my ability to connect with people. They are a digital “telephone” of sorts, and nothing more than that.

Granted, I’ve started (not developed, started) some great business and personal relationships using these tools (mainly Twitter) … but besides sharing content from various sources, that’s all I see them as, a telephone.

I use other tools, like face-to-face meetings, Skype etc… to further develop these relationships.

All Facebook represents is a different way to communicate, and folks, there are plenty of choices.

But here’s the kicker, this is America, and Facebook is actually quite meaningless in the REALLY big picture, because there are other choices…

… and in the end, we have the talent to create the “Facebook” we really want.

Anyone up for the challenge? 🙂