One Prediction About The Future Of Publishing

Although it doesn’t matter much, I’m publishing this prediction about the future of publishing here…

MY PREDICTION:  Within the next 20 years, Amazon will not have the strong hold on the retailing of books, because authors will each become their own, best distribution channel(s) for their books.

Publishing overall will decentralize.

Digital won’t be the only format, print will still exist, but because of the availability of digital, authors will distribute their titles from their own website “empires”…

That is, one website per title with purchasing carts and content contained within.  Perhaps even publishing full product funnels centered around the book title (DVD, video, online courses, extended material etc…).

All of these, linked back to the author.

This is why Amazon won’t ever get to a point where they will lower their royalty rate by an extraordinary amount (as some trad. publishing executives surmise).

Because Amazon once again will have stronger and stronger authors to compete with, in higher and higher number on an individual basis.

Decentralization, a concept that seems like a foreign language to most institutional, industrial age businesses … continues in spite of their little hissy fits.

We live in a digital, technological age where only “molding the clay” of the trend can happen.

We aren’t going to replace the trend any time soon.