The Morning After the Night Before: Some more thoughts…

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Having had an evening to think about this, and read through some other blogs on the subject, I’ve had a few further thoughts.

First of all, I strongly recommend that you read Gabrielle Faust’s blog.

Then take a look at R Thomas Riley’s Post.

Also worthwhile checking out Jack Hanson’s Facebook post.  Click Here to Read It.

And finally, for the sake of balance, read Jessica Mieg’s response to Gabrielle’s blog post on Absolute Write. Click Here to Read It.

All done? OK, then I’ll continue.

First of all, I kinda understand what Permuted are saying with regards to this (even if I disagree). POD paperbacks, even reasonably priced ones, do not tend to sell very well. Certainly when compared to the ebooks. I produce them for my own press with little to no expectation of making back the small investment on them. That, however is…

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