Mark English on Philosophy, science and expertise – A Naive Reply

Scientia Salon

Dictionary Series - Philosophy: philosophyby Peter O. Smith

A number of articles have come out recently about the role and future of philosophy, contributing to a growing sense of dismay about that discipline that demands a reply. A recent essay by Mark English in Scientia Salon [1] crystallized the issue, and so it represents a good reference point for a reply. Reading English felt like watching a profession fall on its collective sword. Why should they do that? Then again, critics of philosophy are all prominent people in their fields and I am not a professional philosopher, so why should my opinion count in this debate? Perhaps that is precisely why it should count, because people like me are the real target of philosophy and its critics. This, then, will be the theme of my reply.

First, some background. I am a foundry metallurgist who was retreaded as a quality engineer, then a software…

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