The Rebirth of Cool: Trust, Tech, and Dystopias


I did a cool thing today. I MOOC’d.

That is, I joined Justin Reich’s massive open online course “Massive: The Future of Learning at Scale“. Justin is a guru at Harvard’s EdX and the class was being hosted on MIT’s “unHangout” platform. I don’t know exactly where the course is housed. I visited a class and I cannot tell you where the class is. Whoa, the future.

I can tell you that despite being the “guest pessimist”, I think the unHangout platform is cool. The integration with google’s hangout was seamless, even on my macbook. The production value was good and the engagement with Justin on video, in real time, worked well.

I kid Justin about calling me the guest pessimist. He had me visit because I’ve talked a bit about the course’s theme for the day: dystopian futures of online education.

The students made some…

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