Does evolution need a revolution?

Why Evolution Is True

I’m a bit late on this one, but the Albatross has kept me occupied. This post will be of interest mainly to science buffs, particularly those who already know a bit about evolution. But I’ll weigh in anyway, for, like an egg-eating snake expelling the shell, I had to get this out.

On October 9, the journal Nature published a longish comment by two groups of investigators called “Does evolutionary theory need a rethink?“. (Reference below; I believe the pdf is free If not you can get one by judicious inquiry.) It’s a “Point/Counterpoint” in which one group of evolutionists (whose part is called “Yes, urgently,” suggests that modern evolutionary theory needs a rethink, and will be replaced by something quite different, while the other group (“No, all is well”) maintains that the “revolutionary” discoveries fit comfortably within the evolutionary paradigm, and no drastic overhaul is needed.

I read…

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