More levity from Deepak

Why Evolution Is True

The Deepakity still hasn’t learned that I don’t read Twi**er, and he’s still tw**ting at me.  I find this out only if I look at my alternative email account (which I do rarely), or someone tells me.  Here’s one that came yesterday:

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 7.57.22 PM

Deepak is flogging his new book, and he’s tweeting about it all over the place (as if he needs more sales!). If you go to the article he mentioned at SFGate, “Why physics needs God but God doesn’t need physics,” you’ll see a piece that begins like this:

Recently I created a brief storm on Twitter by throwing out questions that physicists can’t answer. Twitter allows you to contact famous physicists directly, and it’s predictable that a handful will become irritated and even riled up if you dare to challenge them. “What happens in physics stays in physics” is their motto, apparently. But I’m on…

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