The Oatmeal’s sacrilege steams up believers

Why Evolution Is True

Matthew Inman, producer of the fantastic strip The Oatmeal (including one of my favorite comics, The Bobcats), is lately on a tear by promoting evolution in a sarcastic way and dissing the religious alternative as belief in “Jibbers Crabst,” a Holy Crustacean that breathes fire.

First watch this 11-minute video by Inman that appeared on YouTube on December 5; it’s from BAHFest West 2014, whatever that is.  You’ll recognize some of the creationist tropes. It’s a wonderful and absolutely hilarious talk, highly recommended by Professor Ceiling Cat.

Be sure to watch the sign-language woman, too; you’ll learn how to make signs for “priapism” and “persistent erection,” which I think amused the audience no end.

I’m pretty sure he’s an atheist. 🙂

To add insult to injury, Inman sent this out in the latest Oatmeal newsletter:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.37.37 AM

And this was just published the Oatmeal’s Facebook page:


(You can buy bumper stickers of this on…

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