20 Things I Have Learned In 2014

Indeed, 20 solid lessons for everyone to consider:

Chrono • Village

I just re-read a post I made exactly a year ago ’20 Things I Have Learned’ and I realised how different the experiences I was exposed to in 2013 from the ones this year. Last year, it was all about learning and understanding failure and success. This year, it was all about self-growth. And here are the things that I have learned throughout this entire year. 
  1. Straightforwardness saves time. If you want to know something, ask. Do not sit around and ponder upon all the possible answers you will get.
  2. Learn to be okay with uncertainty. If under certain circumstances that even straightforwardness cannot give you an answer, then learn to embrace the uncertainty. For worrying does not bring you closer to the light and constantly asking ‘what if?’ only wastes your time.
  3. Never assume. Especially when you think a girl is attracted to you when in reality she is just…

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