But is France Also #CharlieHebdo?

Thank you for writing about this Pacifica. 🙂

the annotated zoetrope

The hypocritical distance between the idea of France and the reality of France the Nation creates the dangerous illusion that French ideals of liberty and equality and French Nationalism can be one and the same.

I learned about the massacre at Charlie Hebdo in Paris just 24 minutes after it occurred – when in media terms it was still just a “Breaking News Headline”, and not yet a “story.”  The vague word “casualties” had not yet been replaced with the more detailed and horribly final “12 confirmed dead, more injured.” 

IMG_4328 - Version 2

By the early evening, photos were flooding my twitter and facebook feed of people meeting in towns and cities all over France to show solidarity against the killings.  At first it didn’t occur to me that I could go take part; I have grown so used to seeing pictures from various protests – whether it was Occupy awhile back, or more recently protests against…

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