Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons weren’t racist

Why Evolution Is True

From what I know about the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (CH), and from what I’ve recently read about it, it appears to be a left-wing, pro-immigrant publication that is not racist, anti-immigrant, or anti-Muslim. It takes the mickey out of everyone, and while people may find it offensive, its purpose is not, as some claim, to offend. It’s satirical, which means that there’s a point to their cartoons, even though some might find them in poor taste.

And yet we hear from many that CH was a bigoted “Islamophobic” publication. Indeed, that characterization has been used to “explain” (some might say “justify”) the Muslim terrorist attack on the magazine’s artists and journalists.  For example, several bloggers (i.e., here and here), have accused the magazine of promulgating “racism, sexism, and homophobia”, and of being “racist” and “ugly.”

I suspected these hair-trigger cries about political incorrectness came from a failure to appreciate the real politics of Charlie…

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