The World’s Greatest Living Philosopher

Scientia Salon

7f909aa175cebcb99660197685bca9f0by Robert Nola The French Philosophe Alain Badiou gave a lecture at Auckland University in December 2014 entitled “À la recherche du réel perdu: In search of the lost real.”The full talk is on YouTube [1]. We are lucky to present here extracts from the diary which he kept while in New Zealand and which make comments on his talk. Day 1. In Paradise in search of the lost real! Mon Dieu! Here I am in New Zealand. It is Paradise as we say in France! And it must be since here they think that I am the world’s greatest living philosopher. Which I am of course, c’est vrai! Will my world-wide search for the “lost real” end with its discovery here in Paradise? The economic always hides the real making it lost. Here as elsewhere the “real” is thoroughly confounded with the economic. Though I must admit when…

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