The Global Show Of Hands

One World Tribe

The quiet evolution of humanity.

Author unnamed.

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“In a world full of complexity that very complexity acts as a great weight, slowing progress. Vested interests anchor humanity to a way of doing things that has brought us nothing but war after war for thousands of years. Transformation will only be possible, peace only discovered if humanity can abandon the complex systems shaped in history by those same vested interests and seek a new beginning, driven by simple, shared understandings.

We would find, if we asked each other, that such simple understandings are held by the vast majority of our species. To end war, to end fear, to end want, to care and be cared for, to love and be loved. It is inevitable, as night follows day, that our global tribe will discover this shared understanding one day. It is, after all, already known and living within almost all of us. This discovery, and this alone, will lift humanity from its savage past and give birth to a new, global civilisation. It is just a matter of time.

The question remains whether we can do this thing before we are plunged yet again into global war by the systems and those that benefit from them at a time when our leaders have thousands of weapons of mass destruction at their disposal – and are just psychotic enough to use them.

We have had such leaders before, and nothing is different now.

It is for all of us to realise that this that needs our attention right now, and of course for all of us to realise that there is, indeed, an “all of us”.

Will the meek inherit the earth? Will the Rainbow Warriors spoken of in so many indigenous prophecies discover themselves? Will the history of our species take a new course? The opportunity is here now, shall we take it?”

(Anon, 11.19.14,  19th November 2014)   

When you get your copy, please find a quiet time to read it.

Whatever the role you play in this world, whatever demands the world makes of you, understand that humanity has gone wrong somewhere along its path to this day.

Look around you at the world and realise that at some point, at some moment in this continuing story we have, as a species, to decide to do things differently.

Or else destroy this world and us with it.

Know too that we must make this decision between us all.

No single race or nation or political group or religion can force this change.

It has to be something we all agree upon, rich and poor, Christian or Muslim, black or white, in all of our variety each of us finding unity in our diversity.

Nothing else will do.

Such an agreement will be nothing short of an evolution of our species.

This pamphlet describes how we, those of us alive today, have the duty and responsibility to create this evolution, to find this unity.

It cannot be left for those that follow us.

To speak bluntly, there may not be a world for future generations.

This pamphlet describes a path to a different future, an evolutionary step forward for our species.

It will require you both to understand your part in this evolution and to recognize the urgency of our need to take this step.

It will describe a path we can take to this new future, describe what we will need to take with us on this journey and what we will need to leave behind because it slows us down or obstructs our path.

The way we do this is surprisingly easy.

All you need do is read and understand this pamphlet and the simple ideas within it, then pass this pamphlet to those you know.

We Are as a species only six or seven steps apart from every other human being. It will be possible, as we all of us pass on this pamphlet, to reach the entire human family in just a few weeks.

In such a way will the human race be able to find its true spirit, and only in such a way will we discover what it is that we really want.

Would you like to be a part of the generation of human beings that changed our world and gave birth to a new, beautiful civilisation?

Maybe you are here for that reason.

Maybe you feel, deep in your bones, that it is time for us to change.

This pamphlet deals with the current reality, dated November 2014.

Read it. Please copy it unaltered, for all its faults. Send it.

That’s all it will take to change the world.

It is by necessity apocryphal, containing dire warnings, but it offers hope to all of our human family and describes how we can change the world.

It points to the path humanity can follow, some might call it a sacred duty, and how humanity might triumph over adversity and set itself free, perhaps for the first time in any real sense.

It is, then, descriptive not of a revolution but an evolution, a step forward for humankind.

Such a step forward is inevitable, for it is the destiny of sentient creatures to discover the harmonious society which alone can guarantee their continuance and alone can avert the destruction that their science can create.

This pamphlet describes this coming evolution of our species and the beginning of a collective understanding, a collective consciousness that will raise our species from its current savage state and give birth to a new civilisation.

It describes a practical, a sensible, an inherently right way for us to live with each other.

Change will only come when there is a unified consciousness and a shared understanding amongst our species that is distilled into a single set of desires that the great critical mass of humanity can agree upon.

This agreement, this single commonly understood desire, must be arrived at if a species is to make the stride forward from savagery to civilisation, involving as it does the abandonment of the centuries old belief systems and societal structures that anchor it in its savage past and were designed by the holders of power, centuries ago, to ensure their continued pre-eminence.

Great chains must be broken if a species is to free itself from what it knows, in order to find what it wants and would have.

Great change cannot come if there are camps and divisions, if there are parties and power groups, if there are beliefs that divide rather than unify.

The coming single-focus unity will glory in the beauty of our diversity, making our differences cause for celebration rather than strife, accelerating our conscious advance into a new, global, some might say spiritual, community.

The words spirit and spiritual are not used in the religious sense here, but are used to describe the inner yearnings for peace, for love, for living in harmony with our earth and its life, for living without fear, for wanting freedom whilst doing no harm, that characterises the Human Spirit.

This is our destiny, or else we fail as a species.

This pamphlet describes the way in which humanity will find its path into the future, will discover how to order its reality in accordance with the commonly shared desires of the vast majority of its inhabitants, will find its innate spirit.

Not relying on a God, whilst doing what all of our different Gods ask of their believers.

Nor relying on “leaders”, who assume positions of authority to light the path and then use that power to take so much more than they deserve.

It will be found by following our inner understandings and taking strength from our vast numbers and the good will that is within us all, the Spirit of Humanity.

Face facts.

Fascism and Communism and Monarchy and Theocracy and all the rest have all had their chance, all have brought nothing but misery and fear.

Democracy, too, is bust.

Look around the world today and understand that whatever system we have lived under over the last centuries has done nothing but focus power in the hands of a few leaders, focus wealth in the hands of a few owners, resulted in abject misery and pure slavery or debt slavery of the vast majority.

We have always lived under the threat of war or, more recently, global annihilation.

When we leave these false dawns behind and seek a new way to organise our species it will be in a way that we all of us can trust, a way that involves all of us, a way which will produce the world we all dream of living in.

Nothing less will do, nothing less will bring the civilisation we all dream of, nothing less will bring the freedom we yearn for. We all of us need to be involved, all sharing a single desire.

It is going to take almost all of the human family, looking forward with the strength and determination that the circumstances demand, to effect this global transformation.

This pamphlet describes the new way, and it is an old way, one that we will all understand and all agree with because it is, as you will see, the human way.

We will understand that this new way is possible, that it is “do-able”, that it makes absolute sense, that it is a truth that we have been blinded to by the circumstances of the reality crafted around us by those that have held power over us for centuries.

You will see that it requires your involvement and the involvement of everyone you know, for by such connections and through such friends do we build the global majority our family needs to create this new reality.

It will involve us forgetting or ignoring the power structures history weighs us down with that act as anchors to the past, the titles and hierarchies and authorities and reward systems we have been trained to accept. All of this current reality is organised about such structures, for they build step by step to the power at the top, and ensure its survival.

Many of these great chains that bind us are so old that we can scarcely dream of a world that sets them aside, but dream we must if we are to have change.

We are, as a species, conditioned to accept orders. The power structures that make this possible are dependent upon our acceptance of them and upon fear. Even when we engage in revolution we expect to be led, expect to be told to follow orders, even though we have learned that such leaders and such orders lead to the horror of the guillotine or the Gulag or the concentration camp. Every time.

Power is of corruption, attracts those who would be corrupt, gives, every time, the convincing and attractive psychopath the chance it needs.

In our new civilisation, as in our old and now nearly forgotten civilisations, we will not have leaders but guides.

The time to choose guides will come after we have assumed control of this earth.

To do so before would be to pass leadership to those who desire it, to those who see advantage in the global awakening or to those who act as the agents of the current power, bribed and rewarded as only the current power can contrive to bribe and reward.

When the time comes we will not choose those who shout loudest or have built up gangs of supporters but will, with care and in a new way and at every place where such guidance is needed, choose those who are pure in spirit, who are full of the love and wisdom that we need, those we know we can trust, those who embody the characteristics we wish our new society to reflect, the Human Spirit.

We  will not have “elections” but will choose, from the ground up, those we understand are best amongst us.

Our new guides will not have “power”.

The concentration of power in the hands of the few is an idea rooted in our savage past.

Power belongs to each and every one of our global family.

We will expect to live without fear, and guarantee that freedom to each other.

This pamphlet shows how this can be done.

Until then, give no trust to leaders, give no trust to organised rallies, do not get involved in groups, don’t march and protest, don’t pit yourselves against uniformed human beings, don’t build splinter groups or self-interest gangs, don’t get involved in endless debates, don’t wear symbols nor carry flags and banners, don’t sign up to websites or give allegiance to prominent speakers.

This is a quiet evolution.

Those old methods are as busted as democracy, they are what the current power expects of you, they are exploitable and easily manipulated. They divide us, they give rise to argument and argument becomes bloodshed. Every single time.

Simply spread this pamphlet and go quietly about your business.

We will find agreement, not disagreement.

Humanity will know when The Moment has come and we can step away from our past and walk steadily into our future.

If this works, we could find that moment within weeks.

There will be no slaughter, only laughter.

To begin we must do what seems impossible and yet is the most natural thing there is, the inevitable product of our true natures.

We must almost all of us agree on one thing.

We must find the Spirit of Humanity and use it to find our strength.

It is easier than you might think, so simple you will wonder how we never discovered it before.

But of course we did, and it was taken from us.

This re-discovery will be the mainspring of the rapid changes we will effect in the coming years and the foundation of the new way for humanity.

You will also come to understand, as is set out here, that this must be done, that there are no alternatives, that this is the only path humanity can follow and that if we fail to follow this path we will quickly, and soon, destroy life on this planet.

If we don’t find this single unity then the strong likelihood is that, bright as we are and because we are so inventive, our species is going to self-destruct.

Face this up to this fact now, for understanding your situation is key to our survival.

There can be no winners, there can be no survivors of the Armageddon we are capable of and that will inevitably occur if we do not find this unity of purpose.

The weapons we have, coupled with the way we do things, mean that at some point in our future we will, for sure, destroy our world.

Consider that certainty and from it gain the understanding of your individual duty to our human species, and from that your duty to yourself and those you love.

Indeed, the thoughtful and watchful observers of the world know that, at any moment now, such an awful consequence could be triggered, that we are indeed destined to fulfil this ugly prophecy and that those who rule this reality desire it.

Please wake up to that understanding.

It will be no accident, but the thought-out plan of those who currently hold sway over our collective human consciousness.

It will not be the first time they have engineered global war.

Our world teeters on the edge of this next global war as these words are written.

Global war is our history and global war is our future because nothing has changed in the way we settle things between us, nothing has changed since the last two global wars.

The powerless and helpless great majority of humanity, that despises war and the greed and viciousness that drives us to war, still remain disconnected from the seats of power.

At the moment, we can do nothing to stop the powerful from creating strife.

Many times millions of us have marched and have been ignored. Our votes count for nothing. We, who are the rulers of this world by birthright, equal members of our global tribe, are treated with contempt by those who have tricked us into giving them our power.

As democracy proves itself to be the plaything of the rulers of the world and our politicians traitors to our species and undeserving of our trust, we move day by day closer to repeating our ugly past.

If you are not yet beset by war you will scarce believe it will come, the desire for normalcy is so strong amongst us, but come it will unless you/we do something to avert it.

I say YOU, because this evolution must involve vast numbers of our seven billion strong family. You have your part to play in winning your freedom.

To achieve this, we must all of us read this pamphlet.

Just that.

No joining, no marching, no protesting, no finger pointing, no rage.

We all read, we all come to a quiet understanding between ourselves, the Moment will come.

This is not somebody else’s responsibility, not something you can leave to others, nor to tomorrow.

It is time to understand that you means we, that We Are responsible, that it will take all of us pulling together to get to where our global family wishes to be and to create our new civilisation.

Those whose daily lives follow a steady rhythm somehow let themselves believe that the tragedy affecting others in different parts of our world will never come to their door.

This desire for the continuity of normalcy, even when that normalcy is devoid of joy and is full of boredom or misery and obvious injustice and inequality, acts as a great weight resisting our step into the future.

In our democracies everywhere fewer than half of the people vote, such is the understanding that the system is bust, yet where is the alternative we can trust?

The new path this pamphlet describes requires that you forget such apathy, which belongs to the powerlessness of the savage past, and accept your duty to be involved in creating a different future, an alternative you can trust and can see how to create.

We have to change this world, and we have to change it now.

As this commentary unfolds you will come to understand that for our species to discover its new path into the future there is much that we individually will have to put behind us, much that we have been taught and have come to believe in that will have to be abandoned or put to one side until the truth of it can be measured.

There is nothing we currently do that should be afraid of such global examination, for nothing that is true and right fears questioning.

Perhaps much that we accept now as normal we will come to see as an aberration, a false belief, an artificial and un-human concoction designed over the centuries to assure the continuance of power over humanity that certain historically powerful people and organisations have secured for themselves and continue to exercise today.

They are using this power right now to create another global war, for they have seen the signs of humanity awakening to their control and will, of course, seek to reduce the threat to their power.

This is the natural and usual response of those in power.

This time they will be stopped if we act quickly enough.

Those of us that want peace and justice in the world, for ourselves and for others, we meek and powerless human beings in our countless millions, will stop them.

Nobody can leave this work to others.

WE must all be a part of this collective evolution or, it is clear, we have no future as a species.

The Present Reality.

War and killer diseases are spreading like wildfire this day, already consuming many nations and peoples that, like you now if you are still lucky, expected life to be normal tomorrow and found that it wasn’t.

All of the great tragedies that have beset our species have begun in this way, war beginning in one place and then spreading to engulf every place, plague crossing boundaries between nations as if they did not exist.

Modern plagues now beset us, cancer for example striking at the heart of every family in the world, its cause the legacy of the vast nuclear war that has occurred unnoticed by most, our “leaders” exploding more than 2,000 of these killers for “tests”, spreading their malevolent pollution into every corner of our planet.

Whilst those leaders have not told you of their silent killing effect and their responsibility for the cancers that enter everyone’s family somewhere and are the source of enormous profit for the pharmaceutical industries that are owned by the money power of the world.

This ugly truth is no “conspiracy” theory, simply a fact of life that demonstrates the heartless and psychopathic qualities of those that hold power in the world.

They have gained and hold on to power through such ruthless disregard for others, living for their own pleasure and power right now, feeling nothing for others nor for the future.

It beggars belief that our species has developed such monstrous devices and put them in the hands of those callous enough to use them.

Now, as we spread our understanding and agreement, we approach the day when we will dispose of all of these vile weapons. The great cloud of fear that sits over each and every human being because of them will be gone.

Our leaders do not care about you, they do not care about any of us.

They only care about themselves.

This, in our heart of hearts, we each of us know despite the votes we have cast and the allegiance we have given in the past.

It is these types of people that we have allowed to steal our world and shape our current reality. They are not like you or I, but are different to us, are not full of the Human Spirit.

It is these types of people and the structures and beliefs that they have built over time that we will walk away from, as if they do not exist, when the moment comes.

Starvation usually follows conflicts, as night follows day.

In most of the world we are just three days of disorder away from this terrible prospect and yet, in our current plenty, such a thing seems impossible.

This, though, is your current reality, wherever you are. For many, it is close.

For many, it is already a reality.

We teeter on the edge of all of these catastrophes.

Ignore them at your peril, for however normal your life is now these things are creeping to your door.

Everywhere the fingers are on the triggers that will spread these global tragedies

Soon, once again, we will all of us be at each others throats, lost in a frenzy of killing.

This is how our history has always unfolded, killings leading to revenge killings, the media and our “leaders” stirring our spirits to anger and rousing the blood, making murderers of us all as they turn nation against nation, religion against religion, all for their economic gain or for more power or for the satisfaction of a psychopathic bloodlust few human beings can understand but which we know exists and dominates and shapes our reality.

Everywhere, in the past, we have been stupid enough as a species to fall for the rhetoric, to respond to the martial music, to dream of vengeance for a contrived harm done to our people or our nation or a blasphemy to our religion.

Look about you.

We are doing it now.

In this Global War, the differences between peoples in each nation are being stirred. Those who are stirring these chaotic situations recognised the growing desire for freedom amongst the human species and are now using it to pit us against our closest neighbours. This we saw in their tests, the former Yugoslavia, in Czechoslovakia and elsewhere and now in the Ukraine and all across the Arab world.

Such actions and reactions belong in our savage past. In the heat of the moment we react with anger to an orchestrated event and this tendency has been used to manipulate us by those that hold the reins of power in our world.

They are playing out this same charade today and we must learn to ignore it, must learn to hold back our young and easily-swayed youth, must learn to walk away from those that preach hatred and the gangs of the foolish and violent that follow them.

These strategies of our rulers, playing their grand chess game with us as their dumb and expendable pawns, continue to this very day.

Again and again we have fallen for their trickery and around the world today millions of us are falling for it again.

Peace loving human beings, the great mass of us, are tricked into becoming the war machine of our leaders, fighting their battles for their aggrandisement and for their coffers to be filled.

Often, we can see the mocking laughter in their eyes.

It truly beggars belief that a species as naturally desirous of peace and love as ours can become the monsters that build death camps, the monsters that drop atomic bombs, the monsters that burn children by the millions on the altar of some questionable belief in some artificially generated strife.

We will not do this again, for a change is coming and a new way is found.



And if you are not aware of the true history of our last two world wars and of the true history of the great revolutions that have disrupted our world peace, if you are not aware of the very few guiding hands that created these maelstroms of evil and manipulated our great human tribe into such horror then shame on you for the facts are known to humanity and are available. This is no conspiracy theory but the simple facts of our history.

These things were all arranged.

The current strife in the world is all arranged.

Your trusted news media or your schoolbook learning will not reveal these simple understandings to you, for both of these channels of information control are carefully ordered by the money men and the architects of this reality that sat behind these great catastrophes.

Of course they are so controlled!

What we understand of the world is what is fed to us by books and by the media. The powerful have always controlled knowledge so that they can shape what we, their subjects, believe and think we know as fact.

To believe what we are told by organised power is to step unthinking through the doors of the prison camp, or to believe we do right by doing incalculable wrong. When our global understanding is reached we will examine everything we have been told and investigate the truth of it. This will help us to become free of the weighty anchors of past grievances that set us apart.

By such controls did they hope to continue with their game of thrones, but now countless millions of our species have already made themselves aware of the true facts and the horrific evil that can conceive of such atrocity.

Join the growing millions of our human tribe that know the reality of our condition.

Understanding how our false history has been engineered, how our modern reality has been shaped, how our unpleasant future is being orchestrated is key to your coming to the understanding necessary for humanity to survive this reality and create a new future for our children.

Please educate yourself and, as you do so, beware of deceivers.

They are legion.

Our planet’s controllers are aware of the coming transformation of  humanity’s sense of itself and have prepared cleverly for our awakening, have seeded deception everywhere in readiness, built cults that suck in the unwary.

They have seen the great turning point in the history of our species and are now doing everything in their power to avert us, to stem the tide or to seize its leadership.

For you see, there is already a global war.

It is a war being fought undeclared by the controllers of this reality, seeking to strangle at birth the world of peace that is about to be born. Their forces are already on the battlefield, entrenched, whilst most of humanity is yet to awaken to the fact that there is a war at all.

It is a war being fought in your consciousness, in your mind, playing on your beliefs and your fears within the reality shaped by them and with the chess pieces they have crafted to suit their purposes over the centuries.

They control the internet and much of its content for these purposes.

Such control of knowledge has ever been the intent and method of our rulers, since the burning of the library at Alexandria, the witch hunts of the Inquisition, the wars against the shamanic tribes of humanity and our indigenous peoples who carried the human understandings now almost lost.

It is for this reason that humanity must trust its own understandings, must follow the heart and only the heart, and simply walk away from what is, to create what will be.

Passing this pamphlet to your friends will play a part, perhaps small but just maybe an enormous part, in preventing our rulers from succeeding in killing the unborn child of our global awakening.

Passing on a pamphlet is an act of evolution rather than an act of rebellion.

There are no leaders here, no stone throwing mobs, no angered young men, no armed mobs, no uniformed bullies, no chants, no banners.

Read the pamphlet. Pass it on.

A new understanding will grow, as the mighty oak tree grows from its acorn seed, quietly day by day in harmony with nature.

We Are fed up of them, fed up of this endless fear, fed up of this false debt, fed up of living other than how our Human Spirit tells us we should live.

We will Start Again.

We would expect our rulers to have the foresight to see the change in our world, expect them to prepare, expect them to be devious, expect them to use their systems of control and their money to prevent us from taking our planet away from them and ending their rule.

Our history is a history of slavery, of war, of the powerful doing what they wish to with the powerless. We are clever enough and knowledgeable enough now to see this for what it is and to understand that we have the power, in unity, to end this history of evil.

Our rulers saw that moment arriving long ago.

They do not lack devious intelligence.

Most of the terrible events that beset us as a species now, that threaten global war, are of their making and are designed to prevent us from finding unity.

We are so easy to rouse to anger, so easy to manipulate that they believe they can continue unchallenged with this travesty, make us fall for their lies again.

They treat us as malleable fools, and we have been, but all things come to an end.

Their belief that we can be fooled is coming to an end.

The Human Spirit is awakening.

It is like a spring of clear clean water welling up from the ground. They throw mud into it, or muck, but these things will be washed away and the spring will flow clear.

They can try to stem the flow, but it is irresistible and will keep coming, the flow strengthening until it becomes a torrent.

Our evolution is unstoppable now.

Humanity has only one path to choose now, and so choose it we will.

Do not fear.

What will come will come, humanity will emerge from this nightmare reality and step into an undreamed of future of beauty and love. You will see that it does, and countless other human souls and their collective yearning for a better world, a better way.

Nothing can prevent that, for it is something so simple to achieve we will be amazed that we waited so long, aghast that we have suffered unnecessarily along our path to this historic evolution.

It is our destiny, there now for the taking, and take it we must.

May you rest peacefully this night, such peace denied right now to hundreds of millions of your fellow human beings, and tomorrow awaken to the possibility of a new future, and to the actions you will need to take to be a part of this re-birth.

Begin in a simple way.

Send this pamphlet to everyone you know before you seek your rest tonight.

Just that.

Think of those that suffer and die today and dream tonight of an end to war, an end to want, an end to suffering, an end to slavery, an end to debt.

Be thankful that you exist at this time, and that this opportunity is yours.

That there are those amongst us who would not pull back from beginning such an atrocity as global war is no surprise to even the most ill-educated of us, for our history is littered with and indeed mostly is the history of one mass murderer after another scrabbling and murdering their way to power and then stirring our specie’s capacity for violence upon itself and unleashing this travesty upon the world, drenching our soil with blood.

This is a simple and absolute truth.

What was, is now.

The last century, with its two world wars and its confetti of butcherous leaders, its builders of death camps, its silencers of opposition, its perverters of natural law and justice is still fresh in our minds, yet we are today repeating ourselves everywhere.

It was a century which gave birth to the weapons that now threaten not only our species but also life itself on this beautiful planet.

At any moment now we are capable of and seconds away from rendering this great wonder we call our home a lifeless and poisoned hulk.

This is no nightmare vision, no unreality.

We step towards such lifelessness steadily each day in any case, fouling our environment and filling our ecosphere with unnatural substances that spread harm everywhere and cause hundreds, thousands of species to vanish as each year passes.

But in addition we step inexorably closer every day to an Armageddon, a sudden and tragic finality.

Famine and plague and war are a daily horror almost everywhere now. Face this fact.

If we do not act as a species to end this drift towards our own self-induced destruction we will kill this planet. Slowly, or quickly.

Extra-terrestrial observers, if indeed there are such things, will see our pale blue sphere drifting through the universe, silent and unremarkable, with nothing to say for itself and nothing to differentiate it from the countless other dead hulks that drift lifeless through the vacuum of space.

We will make no noise, for there will be no “we”.

This would be the greatest sin of all, the worst legacy of a species incapable of finding the essence of love and finding lasting peace and beauty in that essence, even though that essence exists in each and every one of us save a very few.


That we give our destiny to those that lack the essence of love, that lack the Human Spirit, is a legacy of our savage past. We were not vigilant and we made a mistake.

We will end that mistake finally by our actions now.

For those billions of us who believe in a Creator, this destruction would be our greatest insult to the essence of love which brought us into being and gave us this wonderful place in which to exist.

And for those billions of us that do not have a space in our consciousness for a Creator, look then for the redeeming beauty of the human being and the love born in each of us, for they are essentially one and the same.

The Image of Humanity.

It is important that you know this.

For many years now our world’s powerful people and their institutions have carefully woven an image of humanity that is false.

They have done so by encouraging us and driving us to commit horrific crimes both to each other and to our mother earth, by making a world in which it is difficult to be good!

They have crafted systems and hierarchies that set each against the other, that cause us to fear and distrust each other, that rob us of our freedom and of truth itself.

We have become speakers of lies, fearing to speak the truth when only by speaking truth will we set ourselves free.

Truth is not about knowing what is true, but about saying what is true and about having the freedom to speak those truths.

We find this difficult because saying what is true exposes our dissatisfaction with the reality we live in or reveals the lies we are afraid of revealing.

But if we all spoke the truth………?

If we created a world where there was no need to lie?

The false image of humanity that exists around the world today has been steadily constructed in readiness for the awakening of the Human Spirit that our rulers foresaw.

They want us to believe that we are evil, that we cannot trust each other, that our Human Spirit does not exist!

They have filled our minds daily with news of the horrors their systems give rise to, with individual crimes committed in a world full of sin and the artificial systems that make each of us uncertain of our future, that set each of us against the other in their artificial race for money or for power.

It is this artificial image of humanity that causes us to distrust each other, that prevents us from finding unity of intent, unity of desire.

That deprives us of our Humanity.

It is the cleverest and best thought out element of their strategy to kill the child that is our evolution before it can stand on its feet and feel its muscles and understand its power.

Know this:

Every day in billions of ways human beings are good to each other, perform acts of unselfish heroism, give and give again without thinking of reward, are kind and loving and hug each other.

If our news stations and news papers were full of this kindness and this generosity every day, think how your image of our species would change.

We have few murderers, few rapists, few thieves, and many of those are sick or are in need or in their own sad way reflect the inhuman reality created by our rulers.

Many do not understand that a great number of our mass murderers, those famously wicked killers that have filled our news and helped us fear each other, all shared something that has been kept from us. This will become clear when the justice system of the world has fallen into humanity’s hands.

There have been dark forces at work around the globe that we do not generally know of.

For example slowly now but in many places we learn that there are thousands upon thousands of pedophiles around the globe, in our churches and our entertainment business and our governments, and we see how these vile monsters share ugly beliefs and that our police and justice system have contrived, for many years, to leave these monsters untouched!

It is so ugly a truth that few of us dare look it in the face.

Justice systems colluding to hide thousands of pedophiles that infest the structures of power and belief systems that our rulers depend on to continue their rule.

The Pope himself tells us there are 8,000 of them in the Catholic church alone.

How many of them are in jail?

These things have all been carefully arranged to create an image of humanity that is false, to make you lose faith in our species.

Most of us HAVE lost faith in our fellow human beings, so successful has this strategy been.

It is time to turn back that tide of false understanding.

The great mass of us are none of these things, the great mass of us are good, yet our image of our species has been shaped to make you believe otherwise.

Shake this indoctrination off, and begin to believe in humanity once more.

This pamphlet shows how we can find what we really are once more.

Generally good, in a world that currently won’t let us be.

From a knowledge of and a belief in the goodness of the great majority comes an understanding of how we might reshape our world and achieve the ultimate destiny of our human species, the unity in good that is our only possible future.

We have no choice but to evolve in this way, to rediscover this Human Spirit.

This unity cannot be learned from texts, is not sustained by ritual, cannot be taught by the robed and jewelled power structures that call themselves religion or law or kings or government, nor by the self-appointed “leaders” of “revolutions” that we see now strutting the global stage, wreaking their havoc having promised peace or the lie of “just” war.

This story of revolution is old to us now and we understand its truth and its false promise and so rightly have grown never to trust those that give us mantras to shout or “parties” to join or demand faith where none is deserved.

Only those weak in spirit or mind jump on these bandwagons, or those stirred to anger by false words or devious sabotage or false priests who claim God requires our young men and women to become killers.

As if.

These very few weak minded human beings, given guns and orders by their false leaders, wreak havoc amongst us and serve the very enemy they believe they fight in doing so.

They are mostly young and naïve, led by those as wise as serpents.

We have seen them in the colour revolutions, have seen them in the Arab spring, can see them now in the alternative media of the West and their false demi-messianic leaders and their false new oppositions, their Zeitgeists and their Occupies and their Anonymous and so on. New religions all, new cults using the desire for change as the engine of their deception, hoping to pervert the rising energy of the Human Spirit and lead it astray.

Perhaps you have not joined these gangs or are unaware of them, because you are waiting for something you can trust.

Or perhaps you have, and so are minded to disbelieve any accusations levelled against them.

Such is the “cognitive dissonance” relied upon so heavily by our world’s controllers. Having gained your faith, they understand that YOU will defend it.

So, trust in the awakening Human Spirit instead, for its heart is your heart, its essence your essence.

You need no leadership for this.

It has no leaders but exists within you, unassailable.

It has been waiting.

It is a sense of right and a knowledge of wrong and an understanding of what needs to be done.

It is the end of the long path that has taught humanity right from wrong, taught us to tell good from evil, is the knowledge that will help us shape our new reality.

It is the end of a long and tiring journey and it is here now.

History shows us that many new dawns are led by those that busy themselves with the well crafted speech, the well thought our debating points, the touchstones of agreement, the popular memes, the understanding of images and symbols. They pluck at well rehearsed notes on the strings of your consciousness, pulling your faith towards them.

Humanity’s new way has none of these things.

We are leaderless, yet we share a quiet understanding.

We see our current leaders every day now exposed  in every walk of life.

In our churches, in our governments, in the world of  entertainment  committing the worst of crimes. We see them feasting on the perverted sexual predication of our children.

And we learn that those we rely on for justice, the leaders of those churches, the police, the judiciary, our governments , all of them conspire together to let the paedophiles amongst their ranks go unpunished.

Truly, it is time to end this foul reality and take this world back.

We are each born innocent creatures of love, only to become something less as we adapt to a world shaped by evil, as we struggle daily to survive in a reality ordered and divided and ruled by systems unnatural to us. We lie every day to ourselves and to others in order to accommodate this travesty and live with it. These lies are born of fear, and will end when fear ends and our new world is born.

Our rulers and their agents keep us constantly divided, constantly in fear of each other, offer us false redemption in false belief systems that seem to bring safety in numbers and only succeed in dividing us further.

And they prey upon us, feed upon our efforts and go unpunished.

Consider for a moment:

If there is a Creator, or if there are others in this vastness we call the universe, how will they judge us now, how must they perceive us?

They would see us as savages, as destroyers of beauty, as ignorant apes, as better off dead and gone, for were we to  progress we would certainly spread this destruction further into creation, would find other perfect worlds to destroy, other species to subjugate and degrade and enslave and commit genocide upon under the malevolent control of those amongst us whose greed is boundless and whose lust for destruction is unending.

Is this the legacy of our kind we most of us want?

And if not, how might we find a different future for ourselves?

These are the questions we must all of us ask right now, and yet we don’t.

We busy ourselves with minor matters, turn on our favourite TV programme, start our favourite computer game, leaving the big questions to those whose interests are not our own, those whose perverted desires differ from ours, whose lives are generally untouched by the tragedies that beset the rest of us or the “law” and taxes that the rest of us are subject to.

It is important, if you now seek such oblivion and freedom from responsibility, for you at least to read and understand this pamphlet and to pass it on. The time is passed for it to be O.K. to do nothing.

The current leadership of the world differs little from the leadership we had in the last century and the century before that.

Walk away from that history and from them.

Their politics are unaltered, the interest groups that influence those politicians are the same, the results are unchanged.

Most of us get poorer and further in debt and less free and more afraid of and susceptible to life threatening sickness, while those that lead us get richer and more free and seemingly possess a strange and inexplicable immunity to the cancers and other modern plagues that afflict the rest of us! Think about that for a moment.

If we, the ordinary people of the world, continue to do what we have always done, giving our united power away to these greedy monsters masquerading as genuine human beings, then we will continue to get what we have always got.



An endless cycle of destruction.

There is a different way.

This pamphlet will tell you how you can find it.

Please spread this understanding.

What you do with this information is up to you, but even if you are afflicted by apathy or a sense of powerlessness at least send a copy of this pamphlet to others so that they can make up their own minds.

The change must come, will come, as these understandings are spread amongst us and by their spreading.

Slowly at first and then quickly, our evolution will take place.

Copy this pamphlet and email it to everyone you know.  Post it on your blogs, your websites etc…

That simple act will be the beginning of our evolution.

Print off a copy and share it.

This bright new millennium is but fourteen years old and already we have sullied its beginning. The bright hope that such a juncture can bring, the yearning for something better that these great swings upon the hinges of history bring, is already lost.

Our world, our species, continues on the same path that has ever brought us misery, irreconcilable hatred, untimely and tragic death.

The systems we have allowed to rob us of our freedom to do what is right, the often useless work we find we must do to “pay” our debts and our bills that rob us of our freedom to walk away, the democracies that tell US when we should choose and from which of the equally untrustworthy cabals we should make our choice, that rob us of the chance to live without masters…..these chains that bind us only exist because we agree to them.

If one of us disagrees, he or she is made a pariah by the state.

When all of us disagree, then we will simply walk out of the prison doors.

How we do this will be explained.

The poisoning of our air and water and earth continues and accelerates.

This we will stop, almost overnight.

Because of the complicity of our media and the scientists whom we pay to alert us and to deal with world threats, we most of us are unaware of the tragic implications of the continuing outpourings of radiation from Fukushima and of the harm already done to our ecosphere.

As with the nuclear “tests”, as with Chernobyl, millions of us are already due to die from cancer over the coming years from this ugly, still festering carbuncle.

Our controlled media remains largely silent!

Our rulers, no doubt, will remain as ever curiously untouched!

When did you last hear of a Queen or King or President die from cancer?

Our bully states (for such they are), NATO and specifically the USA and the UK, fire each day thousand upon thousand of depleted uranium shells and bullets in pursuit of their so-called “justified” wars.

These munitions fill our world with cancerous particles, those particles measurable everywhere in the world and not just in the deliberately unsettled Middle East.

You breathe them.

Your children breathe them.

The young veterans who have been tricked into these wars, on returning home, find themselves full of irreconcilable grief for what they have been a part of, what they were fooled into by false patriotism.

They take their own lives, these lost souls, 22 of them each day that passes choosing to end their life, to end their grief and shame by suicide.

Didn’t you know that?

Only the forgiveness of the human family can save these brave souls. We will forgive them, for they knew not what they did, but were persuaded that evil is good by the masters of this reality.

This is true of all young souls so deceived into murder, more and more of them each day.

Pass this pamphlet to those angry young souls, your sons and daughters or brothers and sisters or friends. Reach out to them and speak softly to them of the peace that will come. Hug them.

Elsewhere, our incessant polluting and littering fills our empty spaces with foul and poisonous residue.

We are still destroying thousand year-old forests, fishing our oceans to emptiness, driving other species to extinction.

We are unstoppable, stupid, careless of the future we will hand to our own children.

We are murderous and stupid apes.

But we are made so.

This has been a part of the strategy to create a false image of humanity.

The Global Warming publicity campaign forces into our consciousness that WE are the wreckers of our planet.

BUT we do these things not out of will, but out of helplessness, driven by the money machine that rules our reality and that values profit above all things good.

In many places and in many ways we murder our own young, by design or by indifference.

Is this a true reflection of our species?

Ask yourself: Is this the best we can do?

Most of us carry on, as if this whole mess has nothing to do with us.

We feel powerless to act to stop this horror, yet we have the power to do so.

Most human beings do not understand that it is the collective consciousness, the collective will of a dominant species such as ours that creates its reality.

Imagine this for a moment, and in this imagining see the spark that could ignite the wildfire of understanding that could sweep our world in moments.

The Moment when we find the collective will of the human race, the Human Spirit.

Our Future, if we Choose It.

Imagine a simple show of hands……..

Imagine us gathered in stadiums, in squares, in streets, in fields and parks, every last one of us in sight of each other.

No stage, no dais, no altar.

No organisers, no monopolisers of the microphone, no speeches.

No separate parties or interest groups, no organised chanting, no mantras and no prayers other than silent ones, between those that would pray and their own personal creator.

No uniforms, no armbands, no security forces, no badges of authority.

No leaders, and no cheerleaders.

Each one free to commune with their own spirit and act in accordance with what they feel, instinctively, is right.

Imagine gathering our global family together in one place and asking, in a way full of the innocence of children, for a simple show of hands…….

In this way, and only in this way, can we find what there is that we agree on as a species.

By each searching our hearts for our OWN inner desires, free of the distractions of the world as we know it, free of the organisers that demand our loyalty.

A great show of hands that shows us what is truly in our hearts, each and every one of us.

Only by that show of hands will we discover our Human Spirit.

What desires we share.

What we are as a species.

What it means to be human.

How we want our world to be.

Our Human Spirit

And if, in our billions, we find a unity of desire, and if that unity of desire is different from our reality now, then the quiet moment of understanding will have arrived.

The Evolution of our species will have begun.

And not a shot will have been fired.

To find such unity we should keep our questions simple, easy to understand, seeking the simple truths that unite humanity.

Questions such as these…….

Answer them yourself as you read them.

Imagine our human tribe gathered together, raising their hands.

“Do you want an end to war, and so know that war will never to come to your door?”

“Do you want an end to pollution, and so be able to trust the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink for all of your future?”

“Do you want to be cared for if you fall sick, and so will care for others if they fall sick?”

“Will you feed a starving child, and so expect to be fed if you ever face starvation?”

“Will you help to house those who live in squalor or have no home, and expect others to help you should that fate befall you?”

There are many similar questions we could ask and beneath each one of these ballots there is a simple understanding.

A simple understanding that will become the mainspring of our new future.

We will see that almost every single human being shares simple desires.

That almost all of our seven billion strong family is united by these desires.

For the first time, despite our history, despite the false image that has been built in our minds, despite the rantings and ravings of those that benefit from war, despite the urgings of those who have power over others in the current reality, despite the calls for allegiance from those that wear the uniforms or robes, despite the orders from those who command us, despite all of these things we will see for the first time what has always been true.

That the Human Spirit is shared by billions of us, and that the Human Spirit is good.

And we will understand that our reality does not reflect the will of our species, and know from that understanding that there is a simple path to our future and that we have the authority and the right to take that path.


By passing on this pamphlet, you create this quiet global show of hands and share this knowledge.

This is the way in which we could find our collective Human Spirit, our collective understanding, the consciousness that will become the foundation of our new world when we shake off the chains that bind us to our savage past and the power elite that thrived in that reality and all of the systems they have built to chain us to that reality.

It is the conscious understanding that most of our human tribe are together when we consider the basics of what we should do and how we should act and how we should be with each other.

We will come to understand what we once, long ago understood:

That in our duty to all, we each of us find the benefit to the one.

We will each live free of fear, by guaranteeing that freedom to others.

Imagine all of humanity gathered in one place, within sight of each other, and imagine that show of hands and how easily we would see just how many of us there are that want these things:

We want peace. We want freedom. We want to live without fear. We want an end to starvation, and end to poverty, and end to war, an end to weapons of mass destruction. We want justice. We want equality. We want fairness. We want love. We want kindness. We want the chance to be generous, the chance to do good, the chance to help. We want to share. We want to live where others share with us. We want the freedom to follow our own hearts. We want to do something that is fulfilling, that is of value, and to do it well.

We want to be proud of ourselves, of our species, of humanity.

We want to be happy, and live in a world of happy people.

This our global show of hands will discover, these shared desires.

It is the Spirit of Humanity.

Once we understand this Spirit, once we find it through sharing this pamphlet, we will see that almost all of us share these desires, share this spirit, and know that a change has come at last to our world.

Pass this pamphlet on. Create that silent show of hands. Help us find our Human Spirit.

Please, as childish as it seems, try that show of hands with your family, ask those childish questions. Try it with your friends. Try it with your colleagues. Try it today, for there really is no time like today to begin the spread of this basic understanding and to discover the power to change that will be born of it.

You will love some of those you ask, dislike some of them, but see quickly that all of us share these basic desires, basic desires not reflected by the reality we exist in.

You will quickly see how we human beings agree on most things, agree how our reality should be shaped, agree how we should all live without fear, agree that we are, despite what our news channels portray, basically GOOD.

The majority will be overwhelming.

And when you have had your show of hands, or before, pass them a copy of this pamphlet, for in such a simple way can our evolution as a species move from dream to reality.

This expression of our collective consciousness is waiting to be understood.

These are deliberately simple, almost childish questions because as children we understand right from wrong, as children we are closer to the essence of humanity, as children we have not learned to accept evil and to try and live with what is wrong.

Ignoring, for the moment, the detail of how we can easily give such assurances to each other across the globe, some of which will be explained later, some of which we have yet to discover, we can understand that almost all of us would raise our hands in acknowledgement of our innate humanity.

We know this truth already deep inside, and we can quickly see it is shared amongst us.

We are mostly good, living in a world that is mostly bad.

There is no doubt that two things would become quickly evident from such a show of hands:

The first is that the vast and utterly overwhelming majority of the human race want none of this bad stuff to be happening.

WE want peace, we want freedom from fear, we want happiness, we want security, we want love, we want the freedom to fulfil ourselves, to be proud of ourselves and what we do, however humble, to contribute to this whole.

We want to care for our planet and the living things we share it with.

The second quickly evident truth is that those who stand in the way of fulfilling this deep desire would also be easily seen.

Those that keep their hands down, those that mock us for trying, those that say human beings are inherently evil, those too stupid or unconscious to realise what we have been made to become, those that have an interest in war and violence and fear, those that prosper whilst others suffer, those that don’t care if our world is dirtied beyond redemption.

There will be no surprises when we see those who keep their hands down. Some will raise themselves on a dais or pulpit. They will point to their badges of authority and give orders and demand allegiance. They will try their old ways to rouse our anger, point fingers at other races, at other nations, at other religions. They will talk about detail, about impracticality, will tell us we cannot trust each other.

They will put their agents to work, planting bombs or wearing masks and rioting. They will tell the young and naïve souls they have in their sway to create havoc. They will look to find our leaders to bribe or corrupt or threaten or kill, and will find we have no leaders.

This is a quiet evolution, and we, the human race, will fall for none of these old tricks. There are no leaders here. This is all of us.

As this pamphlet spreads, so it will reach those of us in the very heart of the power systems of the world. Their families and friends will pass them copies.

Those human beings will understand their duty, too.

We are in the business of reshaping this reality and creating a better one.

It will take almost all of us, but our evolution will happen.

We will see how very, very few there are that would prevent this evolution.

And that we need not fear them.

And we would see how they, between them, shape the reality we have and control all of the levers of power over us and through such powerful positions shape what we think, and more importantly shape what we believe to be true.

We would see that the image of humanity is mis-shapen by them, that these very few are responsible for most of what we are ashamed of, and how they lay the blame for this ugliness on us, we who would have none of it.

All it would take is a show of hands to reveal this ugly truth.

How we as a species are cowed by so few and forced to act outside our true desires and are made ugly by their control of the systems that they have established over centuries to rule our hearts and minds.


Through the Internet, and in other ways,


We should use it.

We must.

This pamphlet is part of that process, the beginning of that ballot, that ballot not scheduled by our masters, not orchestrated by our politicians, not influenced by the greedy and those that lust for power or war that would set us against each other and point fingers of hate. No one will earn a penny from this pamphlet. It is humanity’s property.

Pass this pamphlet on.

It is the essence of the expression of free will by a species that would be free of the historic shackles that have bound us, would be free of politics, a humanity that is seeking a new understanding.

The beginning of this evolution of our species could be as simple as sending copies of this document to everyone you know. It could be as simple as printing off a hundred copies and handing them out or posting them to friends.

There are evil viruses in the world and there are beneficial viruses.

Let this be ours, and let it be good.

Perhaps this is how YOU can bring about the great change, your part in the greater whole.

We are, as a species, responsible for this reality and need to take ownership of it from those who twist and pervert the deepest held desires of the vast majority.

We are entitled, by birth and inheritance as human beings, to an equal voice in how our planet, our reality, is organised. This is the birthright of every single human being.

Those that raise their hands in great multitude will have the right to say what will and will not be on this earth, regardless of the stored power and vested interests of the few.

This pamphlet will point the way to the future we human beings can create, and show what wonders will come from this simple show of hands.

Only vast numbers will create this shift in consciousness, only unity will create that power, and only finding what we all indisputably share as a desire can create such unity, and only simplicity will discover that unifying factor. Our Human Spirit.

Indeed it is true that “the devil” is in detail.

Leave detail to the future, guided as it will be by the innate humanity we share.

The innate humanity that, once found, we will never relinquish, never again give up.

What we urgently need now as a species, now before the buttons are pressed or the phials uncorked or the chemicals dispersed amongst us, now at this late stage in the game, is to discover the unity that will save us.

Each and every one of us shares the burden of responsibility for this unfolding story.

This world belongs to humanity, by right of inheritance, this story is your story and mine and is the story of everyone you know and everyone you don’t know, everyone you love and everyone you hate, everyone that came before you and everyone alive today.

More, it is the story of our future, the future we borrow from our children.

This is about what you do for them, so that their world is better than this one.

This will be your gift to them and the generations that follow.

There are many, in fact this includes most of us, that say that none of this current mess is our fault. We are quick to blame “them”, as others are quick to blame “us”. We point to divisions between us, to differences of belief or race or nation or status, few of us understanding the history of these divisions and how they have been constructed and maintained so as to keep us divided and weaken our ability to take conscious control of this reality. Many of us right now are consumed by hatred and bloodlust, without understanding the forces that have created these schisms.

So there will have to be forgiveness, when we make our change. The graves we dig will be for our hatreds, not as now for the bodies of the children we kill as we argue between ourselves.

We will forgive, for there is no choice but to forgive and to expect forgiveness if we are to end eternal strife amongst us.

Remember, those that lead us EXPECT us not to be able to forgive!

And time, that great healer, will forge bonds between us as we grow our new world from the remnants we have been left with and as we day by day realise what we have achieved between us, this generation that changed the world.

By sharing a pamphlet between us…..

Right now across the world there are millions of people working to discover how we have ended up the way we have, how we have been denied our power and who is responsible. This, at this time, is wasted effort. Such work must be done after we have taken our global show of hands and begun the great work. Right now, it dilutes our focus and delays our intent and delights those who seek to prevent or pervert the world change that is upon us.

In finding such truths there are a million rabbit-holes of research, a thousand million endless debates. There is no time now for such knowledge, such truth.

That truth we can discover later, when we are free, when all knowledge is ours.

It is a sideshow to the main event, the changing of the course of human history, the slaves’ evolution that is upon us, a side show those who are awakening are encouraged to busy themselves with by the agents of the current power.

If you already count yourself awake then direct your focus to the answer, not the problem.

What matters now is how we choose to proceed, what reality we choose to create, how we find the unity to achieve this, the roots we find to give strength to the new life that will grow.

The Way.

Looking backwards to go forward…….

When we were young as a species we began first as tribes, as groups that shared  a common interest in survival, cemented by family loyalties and the tribal bonds that unified us. We were little more than animals in those early days, struggling daily to survive as all species must.

Our long history brought almost nothing in the way of technological advance but was, in many places and amongst many tribes, characterised by a form of spiritual civilisation that we can look back upon with respect now.  Full of the Human Spirit.

These people lived harmoniously amongst each other, sharing what was gathered, sharing what work was needed, contributing what skills each had to the common good, respecting the nature that fed them and honouring the beauty of creation and their fortune for being inheritors of this great gift. This is the natural way of human beings.

If we could all live this way, we would.

Well, we can, for our global understanding gives us the power to choose this way.

Sure, amongst them were the greedy, the jealous, the bully and the thief. The human family will always have its unhappy souls. But the tribe acted together to deal with these anomalies, to educate them to the better way, to bring them to the right path. They were dealt with, with the care and firmness required, because the tribe understood that not to face down such characters was to allow them to take over, allow everyone’s life to be spoiled.

They were vigilant about this, and acted as one to deal with it, for not to do so would end in tragedy. Over generations such anomalies grew less, as is the way of things when the whole group, the whole tribe, accepts a way and lives that way.

This, if you like, describes the natural way of our species.

There is a rightness in this way that we can most of us relate to, because it is our human way, it is what we are, it is what is missing from our lives now.

If you are human, you probably understand this way as a matter of nature, feel drawn to this way and would live this way were it not for the reality in which we are made to live now.

It is the loss of this way that is the splinter in your mind, the nagging doubt about this reality which will not let you find peace because deep in your mind is your spirit and your Human Spirit understands what is right, and what is wrong.

Unite with that spirit now, and build a world on its foundation.

Let us find our human tribe together now.

The best of these tribes lived with a respect for the natural laws each of us even now understand.

  • Do no harm to others, nor to our mother earth.
  • Do not kill.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not cause others to fear you.
  • Do not be jealous.
  • Do what you can to help.

Accept help when given and expect it when you need, without shame.

Know that this works to produce the happiness of all.

These tribes were guided by those known to be wise, known to be just and fair, those who could be trusted to understand that their power to decide derived from the tribe as a whole and understood that such a trust was a great gift and honour, given to them by the whole tribe.

They took no more than their share, for their duty was equal in value to the most lowly duty, no more nor no less, each duty needed in equal part by the whole.

There was a spirit that was shared, an understanding that has almost been eradicated now in the world but can be found again, an understanding of love and what love can create, what our shared Human Spirit should create.

Each and every tribe member was just that, a member of the tribe, neither more important nor less than each of the others, free to do whatever they wished so long as they did no harm and fulfilled their duty to the tribe.

They TRUSTED each other for they understood that human beings are good and had built their tribe, their unity around that good.

Such a way, such an option, is available to humanity now.

But only if we take control of our reality.

We have been taught, by the endless news stories placed before us, that this natural, human way is a fantasy, that we are inherently evil and cannot trust each other.

Hopefully, now, you can see this lie for what it is and see the intent behind it, feel in your heart the rightness of this human, tribal understanding.

It’s absence is what is responsible for that splinter in your mind, that nagging feeling that there is something wrong with the world. You have been divorced from your natural way, from what you know is inherently right, from the way you would be if it weren’t for the reality we are forced to live through and survive in.

A reality moulded by those that have power over us and that they have shaped to deprive us of living in this natural way.

At some point in our past we surrendered our vigilance and allowed the bullies, the thieves, the spreaders of fear, those who would be “Kings” to rob us of our freedom.

We lost our way when we became cowards, faced with small but vicious bands led by psychopathic killers who crowned themselves and began the tragedy we exist in now, who have crafted our reality for centuries. We forgot how to act together, and lost the strength that comes from our overwhelming numbers.

We became the many, cowed by the few.

Now is the time to take our world back.

Once they had that power their ruthless psychopathy took hold of us, the fear they spread forced us off the paths we knew were right. They created divisions between us, between the favoured and the not. They drew lines on our earth and claimed the lands as their own. They forced us to fight their enemies, other tribes with other kings, and often those other kings were their cousins. They set humanity on the path that has led us to global war and global greed and will, unless we act, destroy us all.

We must find our vigilance again.

Before the opportunity to do so is lost for all time.

And we have little time to do this.

By a simple show of hands we gain the authority to choose this way, one global tribe shaking off the chains of the past and taking a step to a different future.

Such tribes were the product of the shared understanding and the shared will of their members, as our future tribe will be.

They were an expression of united consciousness.

An expression of the Human Spirit.

It is not that there are none left that still live this way.

They are few, but there are still human beings that understand the tribal way. Tucked away in the deepest forests or the highest peaks they still exist. They do not use money, do not understand how such a thing can have entered our world view and twisted it, how it can have given more of a share to some and less to others when we are all, surely, one tribe…..?

We do not share the bounty of our advanced technology with them, nor even leave them in peace, but continue what we have always done under instruction from our leaders or chasing the dragon of personal profit.

That dragon is our leaders’ preferred method of exchange, for they are the head of that dragon.

They call it money and they own its production and issuance and supply and create it, out of thin air like magicians, to suit their purposes and they use it to display their faces or carry the symbols that represent their power over humanity.

It is used to drive us to evil and sits behind almost every evil act we do as we are forced to fight for its possession. We have been taught that without it we deserve, and can have, no share of what is our right, as humans, as a member of the human tribe.

It places divisions between us all and places billions of our family in abject poverty, causes one of our children to die from starvation every four seconds, gives rise to almost every criminal act and so the fear that enters our daily lives.

We KNOW these truths, yet cannot see a way past them.

Our Human Spirit, our global tribe is the way.

Because these tribal peoples are simple humans, living in harmony with nature and without many possessions, we have been taught to look down upon them and ridicule their lack of sophistication and nakedness as we plunder their resources, cut down their forests, pass them diseases to which they have no immunity, bring war to their ancestral lands, all for money.

The wisdom and understanding they have, the great message about how to live that they understand and would share, their spirituality and connection with creation, all these things are lost to us as we drive them to extinction and bulldoze their thousands of years of harmonious existence and concrete over the graves of their forebears.

We have much to learn from them.

What they know can save us.

There will come a time, and we have not too much time left to us, when we must recognise our part in this whole, when we must see our duty to our selves, to our species and to our children, when we must cast off the overbearing and unnatural weight of the thought that it can not be done and understand that it can.

We have the instruments of connection and communication, the desire for change, we can have our global “Show of Hands” right now.

The time has come to dream of a better way, to look back at what was once natural to us all and still lives in each heart, each spirit, and understand that we can do this thing, that we have the will to do this thing, that collectively it is our will that will change the direction of this story and will bring a happy ending to the past and the sun-blessed dawn of a new future for our species.

We are at that point now.

You are fortunate to be alive at this time, fortunate to be of this great generation, fortunate that this understanding has come to you at this point in your personal history as a conscious being.

These are the things that need to be done between us, our global tribe, when we create this change, when we have reached our common understanding, when all that can read will have read this pamphlet, when we have found our Human Spirit:

First, we need to be steady and neither fear nor panic.

We feed and clothe and house each other now, provide aid to those that are sick now.

We can do these things better.

We have, with our intelligence and will, built vast networks and organisations that sustain us, have invented machines that should bring us ease and the relief from unnecessary labour.

These things we should keep, though we will change the motivation for their existence from the profit of the few to the benefit of the many.

In the old world, and now, these things depended on money. We worked for money and the profit of all our labours went to the rich who used that wealth to buy more power, progressively weakening the rest of us whilst rewarding a few.

In truth, things that need doing depend on human effort, human will, and the resources we have at our disposal.

This is a simple truth.

Money only allows the few to skim off those efforts and bank the stored resource falsely or use it to buy more control over us.

More than half of the world’s “money”, more than half of the real wealth of land and property and stuff, belongs to less than 1% of us.

In truth, just 1% of 1% of us own most of the world.

It has been used, over centuries, to disinherit you, to deprive you of your right to a share. This “money” has put each and every one of us in “debt”, personally or through our indebted governments to whom we pay taxes to pay the interest on that debt.

This “debt” has made slaves of us all.

We will write off all debt, personal and national, there will be no bills to pay, no taxes to pay, no rents nor mortgages and so no fear of losing our homes, for we will not have money.

Wrap your conscious spirit around that idea now. See how money was created and has been used and is used now to control our global tribe and understand how we must come to live without it, and see how much that is wrong will be put right when it is gone. If you have a lot of it, fear not. We will feed our tribe, we will house our tribe, we will not allow thieves to spoil our peace. What you have now is yours and we will defend that.

There are leaders of new organisations everywhere proposing new ways for humanity but they all of them cling to the idea of money, understanding that this will work for those who have it and control it. Some say we should have gold backed money, knowing who it is that owns most of the world’s gold. We are wise enough now to see these people for what they are and whose interests they serve. If they ask you for donations or financial support then they are committed to the continuance of money and the injustice and criminality it brings. Do not give them your trust.

In our tribal past we had no need of money. In our one world tribe of the future we will have no need of money. Every worry you have about money will disappear.

This alone will transform our lives, transform our world.

You will have been conditioned through the centuries of the rule of money to not be able to imagine a world without it.

Imagine it now, for it is key to our survival and fundamental to the success of our new global civilisation.

You might imagine that everything will fall apart, that the poor amongst us will riot and steal but these fears represent an inability to cast off the conditioning of the past and do not take into account the global understanding we will reach, how each of us will be a part of the whole tribe, how that great unity will enter humanity’s life and become the way we do things.

We will know what needs doing and do it.

Such basic common sense is not beyond a species that can put ships on Mars!

The poor will be freed of debt, freed of the need to buy, understanding of the equality we will all share in.

There will be no-one to direct their anger against, and slowly their anger will dissipate, being of the old world.

They will come to understand that the world is different and that the future we are building is their future too, and their children’s future, that they have a stake and, over time, we will each have a share.

In time there will be no poor.

Our focus as a species will be to deliver the greatest good to the greatest number for we are one tribe. Get used to it, that sense of belonging. It will cause all of us to see our neighbours in a different light.

We will share what needs to be done, give what we are best suited to give, the whole underpinned by the great step we have taken and the Human Spirit that we share.

Our sense of helplessness will disappear, replaced by a pride in the membership of the global tribe that is humanity.

There will be no injustice.

We will not allow that child to starve, that human being to live in squalor, we will not allow that human being to fear for if we did such horror could come to our life or the lives of our children or of those we love.

Those that have plenty now will learn that they do not need stuff, that what is of real worth is security, is friendship, is a shared world that brings safety and peace and freedom from worry, is happiness, is love, is belonging, is sharing and giving.

Their several houses will become a burden, for only money finds gardeners and cleaners and staff, and so in time they will share what is theirs and give what they don’t need.

But, however much they have, we will none of us take what is theirs.

That road is the road to forced possession, to lynch mobs and angry crowds, a link to a treacherous past that we will not forge.

Let the rich keep what stuff they have gained.

There will be no money to pay them rents, no money to pay for their luxuries, no servitude nor deference shown to them but neither will their be dispossession, neither will their be anger.

Ownership is key to our future.

Each human being must know that their home is theirs, that there is safety there, that it can never be taken away, that there is no charge.

We must build a world where doors can go unlocked, as our forefathers understood. Getting rid of money is the beginning of that trust re-growing amongst our global tribe.

We all need stuff to live.

We all have a duty to make what we need.

That simple equation is all that we need as the basis for going forward as our tribe reorganises its efforts and reshapes our reality to reflect the Human Spirit.

This is our destiny, this our evolution, this the ending of the spiral of destruction we are caught up in. We are intelligent. We are clever. We will find a way to share what luxuries we produce and what fine things we make fairly because underpinning everything will be the global understanding we have reached by a simple show of hands.

We will have seen our show of hands, we will feel an equal part of our global tribe.

We will know how many we are and that we can trust each other for the first time in a long time, for the first time since we were forced to live as if there were not a tribe.

We will act as a tribe acts, doing what needs to be done and sharing that work, sharing what we create and harvest, finding fair ways to share everything we produce.

None of this is possible if we cling to money, but none of this is beyond us, none of this is difficult when there is good will and there is unity of purpose, when there is freedom and free will founded on the true law of doing no harm.

We will not run to steal what others have like savages, nor tolerate those that do.

We will not leave such vigilance to an understaffed police force, nor revert to the savagery of the mob, but will organise ourselves in this vigilance and use the power that comes from being a part of the overwhelming majority that will make a new future, free of savagery.

Everything we do will be guided by the Human Spirit, not anger nor jealousy nor the old hatreds, and it will take all of us to be involved in the birth of our new civilisation and as midwives and nursing mothers bring the child of our future to the health and strength we wish to see.

We will find that overwhelming majority, quietly and without fuss, by passing this pamphlet amongst us.

The Moment will come by that simple act.

Time then will bring us an equality of happiness and the equality of stuff we want.

How will a man benefit from a hundred room palace when, without money, there will be none to clean it, none to repair it, no false friends to fill its echoing halls?

Only those who still carry a remnant of past injustice or a sickness born of the old reality will steal, for such taking is not of tribe and we will slowly re-learn that way, once we know that we have created a world that is fair.

We are not a perfect species, but we CAN create a world that eradicates the root causes of much that creates harmfulness. Money is the root of most evil.

We do not need money to live, as our ancestors showed us and our tribal families show us now. We need stuff to live, provided by human effort.

There are many jobs that we do now that are only done for money and serve no purpose at all other than to gain money. Those people who do such jobs feel miserable because deep down they understand that they do nothing of real value to any other human being, they create nothing.

We will simply walk away from all of these useless occupations, each of us seeking and finding fulfillment in doing what we can to help, knowing that each part of the whole is of equal value and merit.

We will find purpose in life, and fulfillment from that, however humble our part.

Without money, this will come naturally, for performing a humble task will be nothing to be ashamed of nor carry the stigma it does in the world of money.

Indeed, where would we be if no street was cleaned?

Such “humble” works are of the greatest benefit to humankind.

No-one will take your home for non-payment of debt, for you will have no debt.

There will be no tax demand, for taxes rely on money.

Doing without money will be the single greatest step we take towards our new civilisation.

It is worth repeating:

Doing without money will be the single greatest step we take towards our new civilisation.

Money is the chief weapon of the powerful few that enslave humanity and drive us to constant war. We will simply walk away from it.

Those who have built up a store of it need not fear. We will feed each other. We will entertain each other. We will care for each other. We will fix what is broken. We will clean our air and water and soil. We will build homes for each other. We will build cities of great beauty, as our ancestors did. Such building will not require money, only skill and effort and the resources we have plenty of, beautiful stone for example and the desire to live in surroundings that lift our spirits.

Thousands of years ago we understood these things, and we can again.

We will find those that cause fear and, together, deal with their disease of mind.

We will not steal, but will work together to make life the best it can be for the most of us we can, taking away the need to steal and the greed that sometimes drives it. This will feel right. This will give each of us purpose. This will make us all proud of what we do.

This will fix that splinter in our minds.

Do you see?

By a simple show of hands we can, as a species, simply walk away from everything that is wrong, from everything that divides us, from everything that we know is not human.

When we have our show of hands, when we know what friends we have with us, when we count our vast number we will see there is nothing to fear.

Please send a copy of this pamphlet to those you know.

This is the first step, but the greatest step.

We will need to organise to make sure we do what is needed, and what needs doing is always worthwhile, and so we will all of us begin to understand our value to society, our equal status within the tribe, that we do something that helps others, that we deserve our share.

We will be happy.

The sense of liberation that freedom from money-worries will bring will transform our relationships with each other.

Many currently held in slavery will be freed, for their slavery is simply for money gain. Prostitutes, workers cowed and bullied by organised gangs and corporate profiteering, many, many others of us living in fear of bullies in every walk of life will be set free by the liberation granted by the shedding of the great chains that money shackles us with and the hierarchies of power that rely on money.

Our tribal ancestors lived without money and would have looked at it in a bemused way, failing to understand how such an instrument could be used to enslave our world tribe, marvelling at our stupidity, our cowardice and lack of strength.

We can learn from them and will.

At first there will be the remnants of old behaviours, those that will try and take more than they need, but a tribe is not afraid to deal with those who act as if there is no tribe.

We Are many, they will be very few.

The violent will seek to hang on to their power over the meek as the meek inherit the earth.

We will deal with the violent collectively, as one tribe, and show them the way, for this new world will be our world.

We will act together to defeat evil wherever it seeks to re-emerge or to hold on to its power. We are many, and our will as a global people will be done. We will police ourselves as we grow into a better way, dealing with those who are slow to understand as we would deal with a child that we love.

There will be no “bosses”, only those who show themselves worthy to guide us. There will grow no powerful bureaucracies in which decisions will be made that favour the friends of the civil servants. There will be no money to act as a tool of bribery, there will be no power to decide given to those that prove themselves unworthy of such decision-making power for it will be good that we value above all else, justice that we will all see to be done, fairness that will underpin everything, or else we lose what we have gained.

Most crime is committed for money.

With money gone there will be only crimes of passion or crimes of theft of belongings which our global tribe will deal with as we ever did, before we abdicated our power to uniformed officers.

Drug pushing will disappear for there will be no profit in it. The organised gangs will have no purpose. The great bullies that control them, currently kept safe from justice by corruption or the inadequacy of the current system of law, will be quickly identified and dealt with, their foul influence and their threat to us taken away.

Our law will be “do no harm”.

The human beings that have sold themselves to the system will gain nothing from continuing.

The systems of corporate bullying will end.

Bullying and the exercise of fear will end and we will see that it does.

There are more of us, and we will act together for peace and love and freedom from fear, knowing what we will all gain from this firmness and resolve and tribal unity.

Our hands will be firm, but our love undiminished for they are sick, and know not what they do.

We will abandon war, redirect the activity of our fit and brave and noble young men and women to worthwhile causes, dealing with catastrophe and bringing help in the worst places in the world.

There are great missions we should embark upon as a species, great works that need doing, and money and the profit of the few stand in the way of these things.

We need to feed our hungry family, house those that live in squalor, clean our poisoned air and water and land, beautify what we have made ugly, deal with love with those that would prevent us or deprive us of our inheritance and our right to freedom as they do now.

You need to tell those you love, tell those you do not love, tell everyone in every way you can about this change that humanity will make.

Tell them that a great awakening is sweeping the world.

Tell them that a great unity is being discovered.

We will raise our hands together, and change the world.

Tell them you are human, imperfect and weak on your own, more powerful than great kings and dictators together when united with your fellow human beings.

Tell them that the world is changing.

Ask them to join you.

Reach out in fellowship to those who need your forgiveness and those from whom you need forgiveness.

Help find our Human Spirit.

A new day is dawning, a new world is upon us, a new future for humanity is being born.

Peace will come of it, an end to fear and debt, a time of sharing and hope, a time of good acts and selfless giving, a time when each of us, made however bad by this current and worn-out reality, can be reborn into a world of love with a clean slate and the chance to Start Again.

If you are afraid, we will ease your fear, if you hunger, we will feed you.

We Are the human race, One World Tribe, and it will be so.

  • We will give.
  • We will receive.
  • We will share what needs to be done.
  • We will share what we have.
  • We will respect our planet.
  • We will love those creatures we share it with.
  • We will free each other from fear.
  • We will not judge except by that law and those standards we all understand.
  • We will do no harm.
  • We will be vigilant of all these things, for we will understand how easily we can be swayed.

The foundation of everything will be the spirit of love and everything that springs from that.

This is the human way, the Human Spirit we will discover again.

It will be our legacy, and what will be.

And if there is a creator, that creator will be pleased, for certainly it is its intent that we should live with love as our foundation on this beautiful and bounteous world.

A show of hands……?  Shall we do this now?

Perhaps, that is all it will take.

If we all read it, if we all understand its simple message, if we all of us find our Human Spirit, our quiet evolution will have begun.

Sent to you with love.

Just Pass It On.

Xxx xxx xxx



This essay has been slightly edited from its original form (for spacing and some minor deletions).  The original version unedited is here as of the date of this publication.  There is also a 90 minute long YouTube video.

While this long essay (40 pages printed) makes a number of salient points, I do not agree with everything written in it 100%.  It was not originally written by me, I am simply sharing it here for you to think about (some of my own thoughts were briefly expressed in this essay before I found and published the one you see here) .

That said…

I do think this essay’s core messages and the “Human Spirit” it proposes can represent the start of a deep and necessary conversation we each need to have with ourselves, and with each other.

The opinion you form after reading this essay will be a difficult one, a complex one, but a necessary one.

Thank you for reading, and as it mentions several times in the essay, please share it with others.


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