David Carr – A King of His Craft, Who Blazed His Own Path

David Carr.

I only knew him from his Twitter feed (@carr2n), the documentary titled Page One: Inside the New York Times, and finally, a sporadic reading of his column The Media Equation.

I had, at one point, subscribed to the print version of NYT, but found it archaic and quite frankly, behind the times.

But because of David, I paid attention to the NYT.

So, David Carr reached me through the digital world … which from what I’ve read about him, wasn’t the way you might expect. He was one of the true print journalism guys, but with vision.

He realized that the digital medium was the new way to reach readers, so he diligently used that medium.

This was his last digital column.

He died last night, collapsing in the office, after sitting on this panel about Citizen Four.

Life is too short … David was only 58.

I haven’t had more respect for a New York Times columnist, than I had for Mr. Carr.

He was a media legend, a mentor, and also a visionary.  Other journalists certainly benefit from learning from David.

May he rest in peace.

The title to this post was inspired by his last column that he wrote for The Media Equation (linked above)